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Essay on Trump’s Presidency


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Trump’s Presidency does not mirror Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

The political traditions over the years have at times been progressive while at other periods grossly regressive. Fortunately, the nation has repeatedly risen above and stood out as a value based society (Zelizer, 2018). It appears that each new presidency identified with the values by embraced by a historical one. For instance, Dwight Eisenhower ascribed to George Washington’s ideals while Obama appealed to Abraham Lincoln’s principles (Zelizer, 2018). In the same manner, President Trump appears to mirror the Seventh President of the U.S., Andrew Jackson.

President Trump and the long deceased President Andrew Jackson bear uncanny similarities. Before becoming president, Jackson was already a wealthy American citizen (Johnson & Tumulty, 2017). President Trump was likewise astoundingly wealthy before coming to power. President Jackson was elected on a wave of populism where he appealed to the underserved citizenry and gained their cote exceedingly well. Similarly, President Trump sought to reach out to rural and conservative America for support and won (Johnson & Tumulty, 2017). The two presidents’ bare knuckled ways of dealing with America’s social problems are to a great extent the same. President Trump is undertaking a radical anti-immigration policy that does not compare with the country’s hard fought values like justice, free markets, representations, opportunity, liberty, equality and freedom (Zelizer, 2018). The Late President Andrew President similarly had little regard about the anti slavery movement and is credited with sanctioning a repressive law against American Indians. There are more similarities than dissimilarities between the two presidents.

In many ways, President Trump mirrors Jackson’s presidency. Both has identified a segment of American society not given due consideration in the past. The two have also not minded being disagreeable with the political class. One can only wait and see if President Trump will actually suffer impeachment as Andrew Jackson did.




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