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Essay on Texas Legislature


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Texas Legislature

Texas is one of the largest states in the United States. The Texan Legislature includes a senate hosting 31 members and a house of representatives housing 150 members. Despite its size, Texas has a part-time legislature that has sessions for five months every other year. People argue that because of its size Texas should have a full-time legislature that meets annually to discuss and deal with occurring state issues (Legislature, 2020). The type of legislature chosen for a state should correspond with the leadership needs of the citizens in that state. That’s why this paper will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the state of Texas having a part-time legislature.

Having a part-time legislature is advantageous for Texans because legislators tend to be more responsive to the community’s needs, which will lead to them making responsible decisions and policies. This type of legislature bridges the gap between the governor and the governed and keeps leaders more grounded to the community (BENEFIELD, 2010). Having a specified period makes legislators more effective because they focus on laws that significantly impact people. They have no time to waste on unnecessary bills. According to the Texan constitution, if an important issue was not addressed by any chance, the governor could call for special seating. This is why this legislative set up works so well for the state.

Texans have always been strong supporters of a limited approach to governance. This is why the state’s constitution limits the legislature to hold sessions for about five months every other year. This legislature results in much fewer regulations compared to other states in terms of population and economy. The few regulations put in place are meant to support money interest per Texas’ business-friendly attitude. If not corrected, this will lead to an economy run by debts, both pension and local. All these factors limit the ability of the Texan government to grow.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the Texan form of legislature fits perfectly with the people’s attitude and beliefs with regard to governance. The Part-time legislation was carefully crafted in a manner that it may have numerous advantages, including grounding lawmakers and making them more efficient in passing bills that respond to the people’s needs and its disadvantages, such as limiting the growth of the government still with all these factors, Texas is thriving. Its system works perfectly for the state.


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