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Essay on Short story, Girl by Jamaica Kincaid


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Short story, Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

Directions: Choose one short story this week (one only) that you feel has the most merit or value, and support your case using the criteria we previously used for visual arts: perfection of form, degree of insight, and inexhaustibility/engagement. See Some Possible Criteria for Judging Creative Works if you need to. I should see these concepts used explicitly in your discussion. Be sure an support your position with details from the story, how it is written or constructed, how much you feel it has to tell us about humans, human culture, etc., what lasting value it may have and why, and so on. Write 250-275 words (more is fine). 

You might also consult the list of universal themes and concepts in the Humanities, which were listed in the Museum Review/Art Analysis assignment. These may help you locate a theme (or themes) you see in the short story that you feel is significant.

If you plan well, you can use the same story choice for your Week 8 Writing Assignment. It has more of an interpretive focus that would relate to degree of insight and inexhaustibility

As usual, do not consult any outside sources from the internet or in print. Doing so will mean a zero/0 on the assignment. I want to hear your ideas, not someone else’s. 

Here is the short story 

Short story, Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

In the short story, Girl, the mother is advising her daughter with the expectation that she will turn out to be a perfect lady, wife, and perfect member of the community. The mother perceives that the daughter will have a perfect life, and her social status will not be jeopardized if she follows her instructions. She believes that she has all the knowledge that her daughter needs to live a perfect life.

The instructions that are given by the mother to the daughter in the story gives the reader quite valuable information about her experiences and her position in society. Also, an insight is provided on the age gap between the mother and the daughter as they share different perceptions and opinions about life. Moreover, through the advice offered by the mother, the reader gets the picture of the position held by women in this particular society and what is expected of them.

The issues that the mother is concerned that might affect the life of her daughter are unlimited. She tries to exhaust as much as she can, but she cannot cover all of them. She is also trying to have conversations with her daughter in different stages of her life as she fears that she might get lost on the way. She is continuously seeing her in danger of going off the truck and becoming a loose woman hence. She doesn’t get tired of engaging her even when she is not interested.

The construction and writing of the story are done by using precision in the choice of words, rhythm, and voice to bring out the picture between the mother and daughter’s perceptions about the society in which they belong. The story shows humans’ perception of different social classes and perceptions in society and their differences. Also, it shows the expectations, privileges, and lack thereof associated with belonging to a particular gender group.

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