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Essay on Meaningful Achievements


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Meaningful Achievements

I have always been perplexed by the power of science and how the different applications of scientific ideas can be employed to improve life. Back in high school, I was specifically good in sciences more so mathematics. From differential mathematics to calculus and logic, I always enjoyed the concepts and worked to integrate them into more meaningful ideas. It was through this form of thinking that I learnt about the concept of coding and since then became interested in the science of computers. I am very resilient, especially when seeking solutions to problems, and this is a good quality for programmers who need to try different elements before arriving at the best solution.  

Over the years, I have acquired meaningful achievements toward the goal of becoming an experienced coder. First, I undertook a course in computer networking to understand how computers connect and share resources through the internet or closed networks. I learnt about the different computer networks, including bus, ring and star topology. Over the years, I have also improved my analytical and problem-solving skills by applying logical and systematic ways of solving life problems.

To fulfil my interest in coding, I have undertaken different coding courses online and have acquired basic skills in the use of different coding languages from python to JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS in websites such as freeCodeCamp, U demy and Khan academy among others. In this light, I have also explored machine learning as well as mobile app development. I have developed a special interest in machine learning and automatic more so with the rise of industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence is the big thing in the 21st century and solutions and strategies that apply AI is being sought to solve different problems in the business world.

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