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Essay on Java pub Business Idea


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Task 1

Part A

Currently, the business world is changing, and there are many opportunities that one can venture. After assessing the business arena and its opportunities, the business idea of choice is that of a pub. The pub will be known as Java pub; it is a business idea that will change the UK night-time sector.  The pub will deal with the sale of alcoholic beverages and well as non-alcoholic drinks (Blake, 2016). It will also include different types of foods which will help the company to compete in a rather competitive industry. The business will be located in Brighton which is an English seaside resort town.  The business sector mainly consists of small and single location businesses due to the inconsistent liquor laws that complicate the ability to manage the entertainment businesses.

 Hence, Java pub will focus on changing the entertainment world and the Night-time industry as a whole. The UK night-time industry has always felt left out, despite being worth about £70bn a year in revenue (Farrell, 2015). Many businesses in the entertainment industry feel that they are left out and labeled as an undesirable activity that should be discouraged rather than encouraged (Night-Time Industries Associations, 2017). Java Pub is geared to changing the ideology of the Nightlife industry in the UK. A high number of people tend to enjoy themselves at the Night-Time industry venues. For instance, In the UK people tend to visit the entertainments areas during London Fashion week, the BAFTA’s or Frieze Art Festival (Night-Time Industries Associations, 2017). The UK is also known as a leader in the creative world due to its coming together and the entertainment industry.

The current business will bring about the energy in the entertainment industry. Considering the current rise of technology, it is important to embrace it in the industry (Dhunna, 2010). The company will use technology in its payment system and also clients can book a space for a private event through the enterprise’s website. There will be special days when individuals can play different games such as dancing games and poker. Friday will be poker night, where, people can come and relax while enjoying poker and a drink after a long day at work. Saturdays will be considered as dancing competition nights, where, people will be rewarded with different gifts. They can have date nights with their partners and enjoy the evening together. Different renowned DJs will play music in the town.

The company is geared to changing the entertainment world. It has introduced an app that will allow its clients to participate in various games and they can win different rewards. The app will increase its competitive advantage as it will attract more clients and increase customer loyalty. Minors will not be allowed in the Pub; the management will take responsibility if any minor is found on the premises. The workers will need to explain in case this happens.


Prince AlbertIt is one of the earliest pubs in Brighton. It has live music and it still holds its vintage look which makes it one of the people’s favorite (Bailey, 2015).  
The Evening StarIt is known for its fine mix of guest ales, homemade porter (Bailey, 2015).
The Basketmakers ArmsIt is one of the high-end pub in Brighton (Bailey, 2015). It has different beer and fine grub. It has great ambience for its clients 

Part B


To offer clients great experience by offering them a place where they can relax after a long day (Schmitt, 2013). Individuals visit the entertainment spots to relax while enjoying their favorite drinks. They can be in a group or just alone, either way, Java Pub will ensure that they have a great experience. They will enjoy their favorite music and participate in different games.

To offer clients affordable services, people are always price sensitives (Schmitt, 2013). Most of the times, people relate price to quality of the product and services. However, if the price it is too high, they might consider it exaggerated. Low prices are linked to poor quality of services and products. Therefore, we will ensure that the prices of the non-alcoholic and Alcoholic beverages are within the market price range. The food price will also be affordable to every person who wants to enjoy Java club’s great experience.

To integrate the utilization of technology within our premises so as to improve customer services and relations (Dhunna, 2010). Java Pub plans to utilize technology in all its sectors. For instance, it will have an app where the clients can enjoy different games. They will also have a website that will enable them to book spaces with ease.

Business ownership

The appropriate type of ownership for the company is a partnership. There will be different partners who will be involved in running the business. Being a partnership business means that the organization will not need any shareholders. Additionally, the organization will have an easy time raising funds required to manage the company. Each partner will contribute a certain percentage of money to help in running the business (Mann & Roberts, 2015). Availability of funds will ensure that the company can improve its services. Another important aspect is that it will be easy to solve various issues within the enterprise.

The partners will come together whenever there is a problem. The company will not pay tax on its income. Rather each partner pays tax on the individual share of net partnership income that everyone receives (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2013). However, it is important for the business to have partnership agreement so as they can track if the profits and losses are not equally shared. There are also minimal regulations which make it easy to manage Java Pub. The Nightlife industry is faced with various regulations; hence, Partnership ownership will be a good way to minimize the regulations in the business sector.

Task 2

PESTLE Analysis

Political factors

Government’s policy is among the major political factors that may affect Java pub’s operations. The UK government has regulations that are meant to control noise from entertainment spots. First, if the pub is located near the residential building, the agent of change is required to deal with the issue of noise on residents (Blake, 2016). It is required to pay for soundproofing.  Change in regulation is another aspect affecting the industry. For instance, the government may implement strict regulations that will negatively affect the industry (Marmol, Feys & Probert, 2015). In case such a thing happens Java pub will be required to follow the new rules so as to on a safe side with the government.  Political instability can also have an adverse impact on the company’s operations. For example, abrupt change of the government would cause disorganizations in the country that might negatively affect the company’s operations.

Economic factors

Taxation is the leading economic factor that may negatively affect a company’s operations. For instance, the government may highly tax the night-life industry (Marmol, Feys & Probert, 2015). It can also apply heavy taxes on beverages which may affect the pricing of the drinks. Java pub may be forced to increase the prices of their drinks and services. They may also be forced to switch to other drinks that are cheaper. Such decisions may affect their operations as most of the clients are accustomed to a particular type of drink. High interest rates may also have an adverse impact on the organization’s operations. They company may have a hard time investing or expanding their operations due to the increased borrowing cost. Additionally, Java pub may have a hard time fulfilling demands of its clients. Mainly, consumers demand good quality services as well as products. Hence, Java Pub should ensure that it employs qualified employees. They can as well improve their services by embracing technology.

Social factors

The company has the mandate of creating a base of wellbeing for the community as well as its employees. First, it has to ensure that the community is protected and they work towards encouraging good morals within the society (Marmol, Feys & Probert, 2015). It also needs to meet all the workers demands so as to encourage them to work towards the company’s goals.  The workers’ need to participate in working towards the company’s goals. The organization should find employees that are willing to work in a noisy environment. They should also be focused on achieving the company’s interests. Java Pub should ensure that it meets the demand of the clients. They should make sure that they satisfy the increasing number of consumers. For instance, they may be needed to add more clients to help with their operations.


The rise of reliance on the internet has increased its vulnerability. For instance, there is a high rate of cyber crimes in the society. Many organizations are at a risk of hackers who access private information and use them for their good. The online games require the employees to include their personal information (Marmol, Feys & Probert, 2015). Hence, if the company is not well-secluded hackers may find ways of accessing their information and utilize them for crime purposes. The hackers may also access the company’s financial information and use them to destroy its operations. The increasing reliance on technology would also increase competition. Many companies are turning to online business to increase their competitive advantage. Therefore, companies like Java pub need to turn to online businesses so that they can remain relevant in the market.

Legal factors

First, it is illegal for minors to visit pubs or take alcohol. Such regulations may affect the company’s operations, for instance, in case, a pub that sales alcohol to the minors in may face the full force of law (Bennett & Holloway, 2005). There are also laws against the sale of illegal drugs. Such activities may affect the company’s reputations.  Consumer laws may also impact the pub’s operations. For example, strict consumer laws may change the client demand. Other laws that may affect the organization are the fraud laws. In case the company is accused of fraud it may affect its operations. Additionally, the fraud laws may help the company in protecting its business operations. The company will be able to protect its investments without fearing fraudulent activities. Employees may decide to participate in fraudulent activities that would affect its financials. 

Environmental factors

The government is focused on ensuring that the environment is protected from pollution. In this case, the pub many need to make sure that there is no noise pollution (Gledhill, 2012). Companies are required to have sound proof so as to protect the environment. The change of weather is another factor that may affect the company. Some people may decide to stay indoors, in case, there is bad weather. For instance, heavy rains may have major negative on the company’s operations.  Poor environmental conditions may also make it hard for the workers to perform their jobs efficiently.

Task 3

Part A

Java Pub is a new organization in the UK Nightlife industry. Therefore, it is important for it to organize an event to launch its new services. It is a chance to change the UK entertainment world with great ideas. Java Pub is establishing an entertainment joint that will bring together the young and the old individuals who like spending time in the entertainment joints. It is focused on transforming the industry and making it acceptable to the community (Gledhill, 2012). The company wants to convince members of the community and the government that night-life industry is not about criminal activities as it is portrayed. The launch event will include business people, young and old people who like visiting entertainment joints. It will hold a business and informal event where there will be entertainment as well as business presentation.

The event will introduce Java Pub’s innovative idea of the modern pub to the people of Brighton. Most of the leading pubs in the town embrace the vintage idea. The event will be held at the new pub’s premises as we will have a chance to give our guests a VIP tour of the Java Pub. The place provides a creative atmosphere, and the clients will sample some of our drinks and enjoy the services. The event will include one hundred and fifty people from different areas in the UK. There will a high number of guests from the neighborhood compared to other parts of the UK. The launch will have both business and informal theme with lots of glamors. The guests will be required to wear black and white which will match the theme of the party. Those in attendance will be offered a two-course meal and drinks.

 It will include a main dish and a desert. The launch will be held at night; hence visitors will share dinner together. They will have a chance to enjoy Java Pub’s meal. Meeting the prospects clients will allow the owners to understand the business world. Clients will have an opportunity to ask different questions and give opinions that will help in developing the company.  Java’s objective is to offer their customers the best services. In this case, the launch event will permit the owners to understand the clients’ interests the direction in which the company is heading.

During the launch, the management will have a business presentation to highlight what the company is all about its values and principles. Java will present how they plan to achieve their goals. According to the management, transparency in the business environment is important. Consumers are among the major shareholders in the business, and it is important to keep them informed about the company’s activities. They will be able to give their opinion concerning the presentations and help in making the company better. Parents will be guided on the importance of ensuring their children do not visit the entertainment spots. The pub will work with in collaboration with the parents and community to improve the life of the community.

Part B


DescriptionCost £
Serving Items 2850.00

Food costs based on an average of £20 per head for a two course meal (MailOnline, 2015).

Task 5

Strategic business decision

Strategic business decisions are important as they have a long-term impact on the company’s activities. The affect the entire company and are involved in attaining company’s goals. After opening the branch in Brighton, the company will decide to expand to other parts of the UK. From the report, it is obvious that the UK night-life has huge revenue return. Hence, to make a good profit, the company can decide to operate pubs in different areas. Nevertheless, it is important for it to assess its financial position before making the final decision.

Also, they can identify the most suitable area to open the new pub. Another important aspect to consider when making such decisions is the target market. Management information system is the most suitable system to attain information when making such a decision (Sousa & Oz, 2014). The system helps in storing information about its financial position. For instance, the management will collect data about its sales and each day inventory. The information system can as well help in storing reports that will be reliable in making strategic decisions. The management will learn what it will take to open a new branch. Java Pub will need to know the effect on its financials. It is important to keep track of an organization’s finances before making any huge decisions. The management information system is a good tool to improve the company’s activities. The management will make decisions that will be of great benefit to its development. It will minimize risks that may take place when making such decisions.

Operational decisions

They are related to the everyday undertakings within a company. They have measurable outcomes as they are short-term. For example, the company may want to understand its productivity and customer satisfaction. They are fast to implement compared to strategic decisions. Java Pub will make decisions concerning the everyday drinks that need to be stocked. The management should make regular decisions regarding some drinks that should be bought. They need to do a daily inventory so as to understand the progress that it is making. The management also needs to ensure that some drinks are separated based on types, for instance, they can separate wines from beers and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Through this, the company will understand what is selling, thus, easing their future procurement of drinks.  They will minimize the chances of purchasing a huge stock of drinks that are not regularly bought in the store. Java Pub can use the data warehouse information system to gather all the information. It is important as it stores information from diverse sources in one database (Chi, 2012). The information system can store consistent information that will be helpful I making regular decisions. The information system is also easy to handle. The employees will feed data into the computer and then assess it when making operational decisions.  They can also record information from the data warehouse information system. Java Pub will also manage regular stock and make an important decision. Management will also track its daily profitability.

Tactical decision

Tactical decisions focused on making regular decisions concerning the workflow. As the business grows, the company will need more workers so as to enhance customer services. Clients demand for quality, hence, the management needs to ensure that they are satisfied. Java Pub is focused on providing the best services for their customers. The pub also needs to hold employee training programs so as to improve customer services.  The management will need to keep track of its growth. This will help in the decision-making process.

Hence, it is necessary to utilize decision support system to gather information. The management will rely on predefined reports while making a tactical decision. They can easily find answers concerning particular questions.  In this case, Java Pub will understand its financial situation. This will allow the company in making decisions concerning the training of the workers. An organization needs to ensure that they have enough resources before starting a training program. Java Pub will also assess the workers so as to understand their capabilities. The information system is critical in evaluating the employees as it will help in making important decisions (Gupta, 2011). Java pub will understand the number of employees that are required to enhance customer services. It will also assist to understand the number of customers that visit the company every day.  When making tactical decisions, organizations need to be careful as they have a significant impact on the company’s operations.


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