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Essay on Importance of Packaging


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Importance of Packaging

  1. Identify a product for which packaging adds value and describe how that value is added for the consumer.

Packaging is a very significant aspect of marketing as it facilitates offering for the core product. Good packaging enhances a products brand identity and name with which a consumer can associate with a product (Tanner and Raymond). For example, Calvin Klein Inc. is a renowned brand in the high end luxury goods fashion industry. Endless Euphoria is a fragrance offering produced by Calvin Klein Inc. and targets the feminine population. The packaging for Endless Euphoria must appeal to the high end luxury goods consumers. This implies that its packaging must add value to the offering from Calvin Klein Inc. such that it must appeal to the consumers. The light cherry like hue on the sleek curved glass bottle with a bold cap adds value to the core product which is a cherry blossom fragrance. Consumers will relate positively with such packaging and definitely adds value to the product.          

Fig. 1 Endless Euphoria packaging example, Web.

  1. Identify a second brand for which the organization uses primary packaging to distinguish the brand at the point of purchase, and describe how the package contributes to the branding. Do not use brands used as examples in the chapter.

Packaging is a critical aspect in ensuring that customers identify with a specific brand.         Kleenex is an internationally respected brand which offers its consumers with toilet tissues, facial towels, diapers and paper towels. Kleenex is in essence a convenience offering, such that in most cases, consumers do not put much thought in buying facial towels or bathroom tissues. This implies that the manufacturers of Kleenex, Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc., have to add more value to their product through other means to ensure that they retain their customers and attract customers who prefer other brands.

Packaging is a way in which Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc., the manufacturers of Kleenex can add value to their product to differentiate their product from other similar products in the market. A good packaging technique can in itself acts as part of a product’s brand identity (Tanner and Raymond).

Fig. 2 Kleenex packaging example, Web.

The above packaging examples of the Kleenex brand can aid marketers in ensuring that more consumers are caught by the aesthetics appeal of the primary packaging and thus feel engaged to relate with Kleenex brand. The different fruits on the catchy triangular package will ensure that consumers will relate with the fruit flavors of the core product. This will communicate the Kleenex’ brand benefits thus enhancing the offering. This will essentially propel Kleenex into a new growth stage.

  1. Finally, identify a pure service brand and describe how that service is “packaged.”

Servpro Service brand offers intangible benefits to its consumers. Its offering involves moving a particular customer’s goods from point A to point B. Servpro Service ensures that goods entrusted to it by a consumer get to arrive at point B in the same state as they left point A. This is the most critical aspect of the company’s operations. That is, to ensure consumers of its services get to be comfortably aware that goods are in safe transit. As such it is a pure service brand since the only thing the consumer is left with is just but a memory of how his or her product arrived from one point to the final destination in the manner that the consumer intended and expected (Tanner and Raymond).

Being a pure service service, packaging Servpro Services does present a number of challenges for marketers. To begin with, the nature of the service is such that it is a pure service and packaging such a service can only be done on the equipment used to ensure that the service is dispensable. Servpro Services as a brand is easily identified with it trademark green color and red rooftop like brand mark. Thus, packaging Servpro Services can be done through ensuring trucks, vans and clothing that their personnel wear are branded with the brand colors and brand mark.

Fig. 3 Servpro Service Brand example, Web.

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