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Essay on Gay Marriage


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Gay Marriage

  1. It Imposes Its Acceptance on All Society

In a society that girl empowerment is increasingly becoming important, gay marriage comes to disrupt its full realization by forcing the society to accept and institutionalize it. While proponents have argued that society is rapidily moving towards greater freedom, this tenet is negatitated by the traditional societal believe that two partners of the same gender are capable of forming a reproductive part of the society through marriage (Ziegler, 2013). In essense, gay rights movements by holding world wide protests are only trying to force the society into accepting something that it already has outruled. Societal values are not individualistic but rather a collective of different opinions and believes. Over and by large, gay activists have been mimicking religious hetrosexuals who according to them hate gays. This they are doing by disapproving civil unions which are literally identical to state recognized marriages thereby creating ceremonial jealousy to introduce standard form contracts.

  1. It Is the Cutting Edge of the Sexual Revolution

All along, the society has been locked by different kinds of revolution that have given result to both positive and negative results. Institutionalizing gay marriage presents a good example of such a revolution. History has witnessed ugly sexual revolutions that has only acted to distabilize the moral of the society. Institutionalizing gay marriage would amount to making the society to accept the act of sodomy as a morally acceptable one; to throw all religious caution to the winds. Arguably, beginning the earliest time of past prophets sodomy was an act of evil and it has remained so to today. Despite the fact that some states have already legalized gay marriage, they still keep strict restrictions in regard to sodomy. However, the very act of legalizing the institution amounts to accepting sodomy and other non-convection sexual acts including but not limited to incest, bestiality and pedophilia as totally acceptable in the society (Ziegler, 2013).

  1. It Offends God

One of the most important leasons that can be derived from almost all religious teachings is the fact that God created man and woman to help each other, both in soceital chores as well as in matrimonial/family roles. Unlike land laws, the natural law and moral order emanicipates from God and any deviation amount to sin (Ziegler, 2013). Marriage is an institution engineered by God himself as opposed to the laws of man. After all, there are specific religious teachings of how God punished his own creation for homosexuality such as in the case of Sodom and Gommorrah (Gen. 19:24-25).

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