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Essay On Euthanasia -500 Words


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Paper Instructions

1. Review this Web site called "Right to Die? Legal, Ethical and Public Policy Issues"
2. In 400 words or more, describe your beliefs on the right to die issue.
3. Be sure to include scholarly content in your response and properly attribute credit to your

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Euthanasia occurs when people ask for assistance in killing or suicide; some people may not act in that act that is legitimate within the articulated framework. The policy may have both negative and positive side effect to the entire community.

There have been several changes on how the American people are dealing with the issue of deaths. These sudden changes have brought about a scope of debate about dying. The debate has raised the issue of euthanasia that explains the ethical way of practicing and the right to commit suicide. The debate has also raised questions on whether it is right for someone to assist others into a death upon their request. Such questions are important because they help us to understand our society and culture.  The debate is not only limited to the physicians and attorneys but to the whole society.


Although the doctors and the medical staffs may decide to practice a direct killing to a patient who is completely hopeless in surviving, they should follow norms such as an obligation of fairness and equity that should apply in case of accepting death as a side effect. On the other hand, Euthanasia tends to destroy the society respect of life since the act may become common in medical practice along the traditional methods of healing to the point that life becomes no longer valuable. In such a society, people may also have the tendency of committing murder along other violent crimes.  The practice may also face negative factors in the sense that, it is difficult to understand or distinguish those who may decide to die because they are tired of being a burden to themselves and those who are willing to die because they are burden to others.


On the positive side, there is no enough reason to exhaust all the resources to critically and a complete, hopeless recovering person. There also patient who may be in an excessive painful condition and understanding that the individual may die sooner. Although there are patient’s acts, in such a situation, it is outside his or her act and the willing to accept death is not incompatible.


Although such incidences may happen, it does not mean that the people should assist in conceiving their rights to decline life savings or assist in suicide. The role should only be left out to the medical care to decide whether or not to assist in committing the different forms of euthanasia.

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