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Essay on Creating a Gender Utopia


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Creating a Gender Utopia

The Creation of a Gendered Utopia

Introduction and Background

There are numerous reasons for creating a gendered utopia. To begin with, utopia is an ideal society. It is a place that is fictional. It can resemble a country, state or city with a symbolic role. It reflects the ideals and desires that can transform the minds of people. Erika Kurth visualizes a utopian society that is free of stereotype or rather a world that embraces absolute equality and recognition of everyone irrespective of their gender or sexual category. Therefore, creating a gender utopia means having an idea of how the society should behave or rather how people should view others that belong to a different sexual group or gender. As such, the most critical reason for creating a gender utopia society is to promote social changes. The absence of having an inspiring vision has a low probability of experiencing social growth. Having a clear and feasible vision contributed towards the achievement of social development.

Although the idea of having a patched up society may seem daunting, a utopian dream does not require to operate on an international capacity to be of value or successful. Indeed, it only needs to commence with several visionary persons, particularly within a school setup and eventually spread to global scales.  As such, the significance of a utopian idea in the current circumstances seems plausible. Presently, the society is experiencing massive challenges including stigmatization, inequality particularly in the labor sector, and discrimination in the social places including schools, stereotyping and segregation in the political arena among others. Therefore, the idea of creating a gender utopia seems a feasible solution to foster social progress.

The resemblance of a Gendered Utopia

It is important to envision the existence of a society that recognizes and acknowledges everyone with equal measures. In other words, the creation of a gendered utopia society is the perfect fit that will help address the political, economic and social challenges that the community has been battling with since the creation of the earth.

As emphasized by Paul Stone Williams in her presentation as a transgender, people whose personal identities and sexual characteristics vary with their birth sex are yet to be fully acknowledged by the society. They are still unable to access proper employment opportunities or even allowed to mingle with the straight people. Indeed, they are probably the only human beings that fiercely battle with both the male and female sexes to have a space in the society. It is unfortunate that even the provisions of the Constitution regarding the transgendered persons are rarely applied in addressing issues experienced by these individuals.

Therefore, the goal of creating a gendered utopia is to serve as a prototype that would hopefully inspire other people to work towards an evolutionary transition. The core values and concepts of a gendered utopia should exhibit a high level of individual liberty affixed with a high level of personal accountability, voluntary collaboration, and shared assistance, liberty of connection and disconnection and independence in decision-making among others. In other words, a gender utopia should play a pivotal role in bridging the rift between the different sexual categories.


A gendered utopian society should have dual objectives that can bring social transformation. It should be envisioned as a society that works collaboratively because the people involved share similar fundamental objectives, beliefs, and commitments. In essence, a society that is guided by common objectives and philosophies should always be capable of reaching a consensus in running the affairs of the society.  In broader teams, individuals with similar beliefs in a gendered Utopian should speak a similar language. The likelihood of having confrontations is very minimal. It is an inclusive world that should acknowledge the contributions of every person.


            The political framework envisioned in a gendered utopia is that without social stratifications since the leadership framework is democratic and participatory. There should be a common ownership of property and land since every person in that members of such a society should contribute to raising the costs needed. It means creating a society, where every member of the community is engaged in making decisions during open discussions. Both men and women should have equal voting rights in selecting their leaders.  The male and female, as well as transgendered, should be considered in leadership positions indiscriminately.


             In creating a gendered utopia, structures and parameters should be put forth that enables every person to contribute equally towards community development. Essentially, separation of gender roles, as reckoned by Paula is one of the issues that elicit the aspect of discrimination. Paula reiterates that having lived as both a male and female has amplified her experienced. In other words, Paula alleges that both male and female genders have their drawbacks; therefore, inferiority complex should not be equated to feminine only.  The other aspect that elicits discrimination is the allocation of jobs in the employment sector. In creating a gendered utopia society, the structures put forth should feature aspects that promote equality of remunerations for persons within the same job group without taking into account their gender.

The division of labor

            A utopia gendered society should focus on bridging the rift that exists between the different sexes by creating a community that solely promotes partnership instead of dominion. It implies that gender roles would no longer define the allotment of positions at the workplace. Both the male and female characters would enjoy rights and responsibilities in equal capacities.


            A gendered utopia should promote sexual liberty since both the men and women will be free. Together with that, a gender utopia is one that will facilitate experimenting in relationships, in that; the society will not dictate a relationship that is better than the other. It means that transgender and gayism are acceptable as long as the involved persons are consenting adults. Moreover, the women should have freedom of childbearing and care. Their male counterparts should also take an active role in caring for the children. Lastly, sexual envy and possessiveness should no longer be perceived as a problem if deemed necessary.


            There are several reasons for the community to create a gendered utopia. As discussed, utopian is an ideal society. It is a place that is fictional. It can resemble a country, state or city with a symbolic role. It reflects the ideals and desires that can transform the minds of people. Essentially, the creation of gender utopia society is perceived to bring massive social transitions in the society. For many years, gender discrimination based on different sexual categories and practices have infiltrated the society making almost impossible to experience any significant development in the community. However, by creating a society that addresses equality in the political and economic spheres as well ensuring fairness in the employment sector, the community is likely to experience exponential development in the near future.