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Essay on Boomerang Australia


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Boomerang Australia

Each world culture has a unique and characteristic emblem and as such, Australia is blessed with having the boomerang as a symbol of its indigenous Aborigine people. It is one of the most interesting tools that have wowed people the world over for thousands of years. The famous adventurer, Captain James Cook is said to have been the first European to record the term boomerang on paper in the late 18th Century. He is said to have thought of it as some wooden sword and taken one back to his home country of England. Ever since that time, many people have been fascinated by this strange wooden object which though being heavier than air revolves upon itself upon being thrown into the open skies.

It is now possible for you to own one of these fine cultural artefacts distinct to Australia’s Aborigine people. There are companies in Australia which manufacture handmade boomerangs uniquely designed by talented Australian craftsmen and women. Whether as a mere purchase, a gift or as a piece of Australia’s rich history, boomerangs are surely a fun thing to play with outdoors with family and friends.

It is important to understand that there are many types of boomerangs and as such have different dimensions. The conventional boomerangs have a throwing range of between twenty and thirty metres and dimensions that range from thirty to forty five centimetres. Another type of boomerang is the hook boomerang which can be designed to match your throwing hand. You can therefore enjoy the thrills of throwing a returning wooden artefact with a throwing range of about 30 meters. The admiral boomerang is unique in that it displays a leisurely loped flight path and can withstand average wind speeds.

In today’s ever changing world, it is common to find organization organising outdoor functions either for promotional activities or even employee wellness programs. Wycheproof boomerangs is an organization based in the Australian province of Victoria that specialises in the manufacture of these fun instruments. This family business has grown from humble begins to thrive into a 40 year old company that now seeks to match the individual needs of corporate as well as individual clients. Therefore, if you are seeking to participate in boomerang throwing competitions or simply seeking to have a memorable outdoor experience, then Wycheproof boomerangs will surely offer you the widest variety of finely crafted instruments. These can be painted with a unique corporate message or personal statement. This company offers you the most reasonable prices in the industry for both large and small boomerang orders customised to specific client requirements.

Given that the founder of this company as well as his successive generations of descendants have been boomerang throwing champions, they are well placed to offer clients with great boomerang throwing workshops. Many educational institutions from all over the world hire their uniquely talented and skilled boomerang craftsmen to offer students with opportunities to learn more about the history, craftsmanship and throwing of this unique Aborigine hunting and playing instruments.

Wycheproof boomerangs also manufactures tri-bladed boomerangs that are lightweight and convenient for use by children of all ages as well as fun loving adults. These are not only extremely easy to play with but also ideal for indoor fun. This company truly understands what having an originally crafted piece is for its customers. It takes pride in also giving credit to its artists who uniquely design and paint boomerangs by displaying the artists profile in boomerang packages. With Wycheproof boomerangs, you have a clear opportunity to experience what is arguably the first manmade flying instrument for life.


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