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Essay on Bluehole


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            Gaming has become one of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the world. Thus, games have evolved from being played by children in their leisure time to full tie careers for adults. Gaming and game development have made very young people millions of dollars and has allowed companies to grow at a very fast rate (Kim N.p). Making these companies some of the biggest technology companies in the world. A good example is BlueHole, which is a game development company. It was founded by Chang Byung Gyu in 2007, in Seoul and it has developed some of the worlds most notable games. Two of its most known games are TERA which was developed and released in 2011 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017.

Bluehole uses a robust approach where they do not conform to developing games for one platform. They develop games for PC, consoles, and mobile using the Unreal engine. Thus, keeping true to their mission which is to provide new experiences through interactions (Brendan N.p). Therefore, when they increase cross-platform games it ensures that games continue to enjoy these games. Thus, why the most played game is developed by them and it was the most sold and played game of 2018. The game is Player Unknown’s Battleground, a survival battle royal games which put the company on the map for revenue earned.

Additionally, Bluehole has been on the news this month for their announcement of a new map for the pc version of Player Unknown’s battleground. Also, a release of the same game on PlayStation 4 (Ward N.p). Which was a long-awaited revamp of the game by its fans. Such news keeps the game synonymous with Bluehole one of the best and most played in the world. Especially now that it has been added to a new platform and new features added. These are some of the news from Bluehole and it was from pressure from fans who wanted the game to change or be improved. The game had lost millions of its players to competitor battle royal games and the changes were welcomed.

The company is tasked with developing, maintaining and improving Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Therefore, they are responsible for all aspects of the game not only creating it and producing it to the masses (Michael N.p). Thus, some of the major income revenue comes from player unknown’s battleground which sold over 10 million copies in its first year. It has been so successful to the point the company has made an estimated over 700 million dollars. And a projected value of the game being estimated of over 300million dollars more. Bluehole also has other income streams but this game has brought more revenue and it gets revenue from TERA.

The company has competitors who rival their games and one of them is epic games Fortnite. Which has surpassed player unknowns in the amount of time it is played. Fortnite has made over 1 billion dollars in in-app purchases and general revenue collected. Which passed the Bluehole game in player base and cross-platform compatibility (Michael N.p). However, Bluehole employs the very simple but effective tactic to market its product. They release their products for free on steam for beta testing and they sell each complete copy. They also hold major global tournaments with major incentives for the players.

The strategy has also brought obstacles for the company because the competitor also does the same and others like fortnite offer the games free (Ward N.p). Thus, depending on the in-app purchases only. Which undermines player Unknown’s battleground game purchase an in-app purchase system.

Conclusively, Bluehole is one of the companies that shape commercial gaming and continues to innovate and develop interactive games. Therefore, this paper analyzed it and its different aspects from its history to its current standing. It also highlighted the games the company is known for and its competition among others. And it investigated its income revenues and projected profits.

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