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Essay Assignment #2: Character Evolution


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Essay Assignment #2: Character Evolution
The purpose of this assignment is to introduce literary analysis, a form of
argumentation that is quite different from the other forms of argumentation. It

demands that you dig into the actual meaning of a text.

Write an essay that explains your answer to one (1) of the following questions:
1] How/why does Jing-Mei evolve during the story “Two Kinds”?
2] How/why does Sylvia or Sugar evolve during the story “The Lesson”?
3] How/why does the young woman (“Bull Hands”) evolve during the story
“The Moths”?
4] Pick Your Own – choose a story/book/movie/TV show that you would prefer to
write about. Your topic must be about how/why a specific character changes.)
NOTE, you must submit the topic to me for approval by the due date (see

below), otherwise you must use one of the first three options above.

1] Length & Outline: The essay must meet the 6 paragraph outline—no more
and no less–discussed in the class lectures (I will only read the first six
10/18/2020 Essay #2 Assignment Sheet: 6211-ENGL-1302-Composition II-RT-21304 2/4
1] Quotes from the Story: You must quote from your story (or movie) at least 3
2] First Outside Source: You must include a minimum of one (1) quotation from
a book (this can be an ebook) about either the author’s life or something that you
discuss in your argument (e.g. something about the story, or something about
how people change, or something about human psychology).
3] Second Outside Source: You must include at least one quotation from
another book (this can also be an ebook) about either the author’s life or
something that you discuss in your argument (e.g. something about the story, or
something about how people change, or something about human psychology).
(Please note, this must be from a book different from the one used for the first
outside source.)
4] Paraphrasing: You may not paraphrase any material taken from any sources.
You must always give actual quotations instead. (However, brief summaries of a
story or a scene are acceptable.)
** Note: dictionaries and encyclopedias are “reference” sources and cannot, therefore,
count as research; in addition, primary texts, like religious texts or other stories,
poems, or plays, are original sources, and cannot, therefore, count as research. You
may use these sources all you want, but they will not count towards your two outside
source minimum.
1] Essay Appearance: Your paper must be submitted in the Chicago format,
which you can find on the Purdue Owl website (search for “Purdue Owl Chicago
General Format”).
** Do not include a References/Bibliography page.
2] Footnotes: When quoting from your sources (the story and all outside sources
that you use), you must cite each quotation with a Chicago–style Footnote (not
Endnote). See the relevant section in the Purdue Owl (since your sources will
come from the web or books, search for “Purdue Owl Chicago Books” and
“Purdue Owl Chicago Web Sources”).
3] Repeat Footnotes: When citing the same source a second time or more, you
must use a short version of the full footnote, which is explained in the section
10/18/2020 Essay #2 Assignment Sheet: 6211-ENGL-1302-Composition II-RT-21304 3/4
titled “Introduction to Notes” found in the Chicago Style guide found at the very
beginning of the Purdue Owl web site (search for “Purdue Owl Chicago Manuel of
Style 17 Edition,” open the page, and scroll down).
4] Indenting: Essays must have the first line of every paragraph indented.
Contractions and You: In formal situations one should avoid contractions (e.g.
use “could not” instead of “couldn’t”) and one should avoid the word “you” unless
absolutely necessary. Also, avoid referring to two different men (women) as he
(she) in the same sentence—instead, name one of them throughout to avoid
Verb Tense: Use Past Tense when discussing what the author did, as well as
what happened in the story–be aware that when giving quotations from the story,
you may have to change verb tenses; if you do, place your changes inside square
brackets [like this].
**Note that the above errors will be marked as grammatical errors

during the semester**

Assume that you are writing this essay for someone who has never read the story
(or seen the movie, etc.) and that I disagree with your position; it is your job to

convince me that you are right.

Wednesday, Oct. 7: Proposals for the Pick Your Own Topic are due by 11:55
If you wish to choose your own topic for Essay #2, you must submit it to me
for approval—send me a message/email describing your topic. No
proposals will be accepted after this date.
Tuesday, Oct. 20: Rough Draft is due by 8:00 a.m.
10/18/2020 Essay #2 Assignment Sheet: 6211-ENGL-1302-Composition II-RT-21304 4/4
You must submit a copy of your draft for Essay #2, and your draft must
include all paragraphs required by the “Length Requirements” listed above (I
will not count anything less than four sentences as a paragraph).
** If you do not have all required paragraphs, then I will not let you
participate in the peer process.
Thursday, Oct. 22: Peer Evaluation Responses are due by 11:55 p.m.
You must submit your comments to the other students via the Inbox
messaging system found in our online classroom. (Remember, you must
include me as a recipient as well in order to get credit.)
Sunday, Oct. 25: ** Final Draft of Essay #2 is due by 11:55 p.m. **
You must submit your essay to the “Submit Essay #2 Here” link found in the
online portion of our class. Turn in the entire document as a single file.
(IMPORTANT: be sure to check your messages on Monday
afternoon (Oct. 26) to see if you must resubmit your Final Draft.)

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