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Essay about  Mindset and Attitude


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Mindset and Attitude

There is a connection between mindset and attitude. It means that an individual’s attitude is dependent on his or her mindset.  There are different types of mindset that one can possess, which influence his or her attitude differently in various situations. As pharmacist professional one needs to possess at least the four mindsets discussed below, which are related with appropriated attitude at workplace and in relating with other people.

One of these is the humble mindset. This is where one view himself or herself modestly regarding his importance or position. A person who has a humble mindset does not see himself as a person who is highly entitled to something. Instead, he believes in an excellent performance that earns one favourable outcome. A key feature of a humble mindset is a show of respect to different people that one interacts with.  On the other hand, there is a cheerleader mindset that is associated with being high spirited and full of energy. A person with a cheerleader mindset wants to see others in a positive and energized mood. Someone regularly asks colleagues or people he interacts how they are doing, which depicts a caring and motivating attitude.

Another mindset is a hard work mindset. This is a mindset of non-complainers who go an extra mile in their duties. They are self-motivated as they do not often require supervision to do their work or to undertake extra duties. Similar to cheerleader mindset, the hard work mindset is associated with a motivating attitude. However, unlike cheerleader when it is about motivating others, hard work is about self-motivation.  Then there is a Switzerland mindset which is associated with a neutral attitude. A person with this mentality does not take sides and thus he or she can work very well as a mediator.

From this analysis, I can say I have hard work and humble mindset; this is because I am a self-driven and optimistic person. I have a positive and “possibility” attitude as I rarely give excuses not to perform duties. However, I cannot describe myself as a person who have Switzerland mindset since I sometimes have a partisan attitude, especially when people who are close to me are implicated in an issue.  That notwithstanding, as pharmacy professional, I understand that all four mindsets are equally important for my interpersonal attitudes. Therefore, I will work towards acquiring a Switzerland and cheerleader mindset while maximizing on the other two mindsets so that I can have an “all-round” attitude.