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Essay about Liberty and Security


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Liberty and Security

Security is more important than freedom, and this is due to a myriad of aspects. First, it is worth noting that security is the ultimate goal for humanity, and this is not just from war and criminals the security for ourselves (health and mind) and with others and our needs. Without physical, economic, and political security, majority of the individuals in the society cannot be secure in their feelings, thoughts and surroundings. It is worth noting that freedom is important in as far as creating security is concerned. This is due to the fact that societies which are governed through dictatorship have fail to provide ultimate security to their populace (Mariana 21). A number of such societies have tried but have ended up failing terribly to address issues which cause insecurities. When individuals are secured in all rounds (physical, economic and political), they strive to participate in their daily economic activities as well as having a feasible plan for their future compared to a situation when the same individuals live with the fear of being eliminated through mass murder, criminals, and political massacres.

In most cases, when individuals are given liberties, they are more likely to engage in activities which would jeopardize the security of others. A god example is when all individuals are given the freedom of doing whatever they want with themselves without being regulated by the government. In such a situation, most of the individuals would engage in unethical behaviors such as stealing, destruction of other peoples` properties, rape, and smuggling of drugs among others (Philip 43). Apparently, when the actions of these individuals are regulated by the government, such individuals are less likely to engage in unethical behaviors, especially due to the fear of being punished. Democracy cannot thrive in a society that does not regulate the actions of its occupants. Considering that the United States is globally perceived as a mother and father of democracy, the security of individuals should be considered more than the freedom of individuals.

Additionally, security creates freedom, and this is a clear indication that the former is more important than the latter. In the United States, freedom was earned back when this country was created, and it has been enforced through various historical events including the civil war as well as the case of the African Americans during the Jim Crow South. It is, therefore, necessary to keep what we have gained as a nation by organizing it and keeping it the citizens safe. Additionally, security ensures that a safe freedom that all citizens can enjoy is in place. For example, the Middle East is a good example of the fundamental role of security in as far as creating and enhancing freedom for all is concerned. This region has failed in providing security to its citizens, and the results are evident. For example, violence and riots the order of the day for this region, especially due to the fact that the rights of individuals has not been obtained (Philip 36). If the governments in the Middle East invested heavily on policies of securing its citizens, then freedom would have been long achieved. Additionally, there is no point of having freedom if individuals are dead. Precisely, if security is absent, then people can harm us at will especially when we practice out freedom.

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