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Essay about Ethical Behavior


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Ethical Behavior

According to New York Times, on August 25, 2017, camera footage was taken showing two white police officers harassing and beating an African American man in Asheville, New York (Caron, 2018). The officers argued that they attacked him because he was loitering. Shortly after midnight, the victim was approached by two police officers at Asheville baseball stadium that is approximately 120 miles to the west of Charlotte. The police officers questioned him, accusing him to have used the crosswalk four times, consecutively, and on denying the charges, they gave him an option of writing him a ticket or arresting him (Caron, 2018). An argument ensued between by the two parties and led by a fight, where the man was commanded to put his hands behind the back. He tried to run but fell to the ground. The police choke and beat him and couldn’t hear his cries when he could not breathe. According to police records, the man was charged with second-degree trespass, resisting arrest, and assaulting government officials (Caron, 2018). The charges against him were dismissed when Asheville’s district attorney saw the video. The matter is currently under investigation.[cmppp_restricted]

Ethical behavior of police officers is crucial in ensuring that the police department functions efficiently. This case shows the bleach of the code of ethics of the police department where the two officers engaged in illegal actions in their line of duty. Excessive force is an ethical issue identified in the case study. Use of excessive force can lead to injuries, and in extreme cases, it leads to the death of the victim (Burnham, 2016). In this case study, the victim was beaten by two police officers who could not hear his cries for mercy yet he had not committed any crime. According to criminal justice, excessive is unreasonable, and the intentions of police officers do not matter, and such claims may not be dismissed without investigations (Burnham, 2016). Another ethical issue portrayed in the event is that police officer showed to have racial bias. In most cases, police tend to believe that African Americans are criminals. The belief has led to the issue of tickets and tickets to many African Americans even when they are innocent.

Both excessive force and racial discrimination incidences have violated criminal laws. Recent reports show that there have been high-profile shootings of unarmed African American civilians and the problem of police use of excessive has led to policing debates and relationships among communities. Racial discrimination is illegal and conducting is violating criminal justice laws since the department is required to offer protection to all US residents (Burnham, 2016). Consequently, people are free from unreasonable arrest and searches. The justice system is also against the use of excessive force by a police officer no matter the intentions behind the act.

In this case study, the acts have shown to violate constitutional rights of the defendant. Excessive force occurred when police officers beat up and African American civilian during the arrest. The US constitution is against use of extreme force during an arrest or when handling prisoners (Burnham, 2016). When excessive force is used during law enforcement, it is regarded to as police brutality. The U.S constitution prohibits excessive force as the Fourth Amendment requirement while the Eighth Amendment does not permit unusual punishment and cruelty (Burnham, 2016).  Racial discrimination is also against the law since it promises protection for all the citizens.


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