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Essay about Archetype-858 Words


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An archetype can refer to an original pattern where things are from the same behavior are copied or based. Therefore, an archetype may also mean a prototype or a recurring symbol, especially from the realms of art and literature.

The “hero within” is a modern psychological book is drawn from anthropology, literature as well as psychology by its author Carol Pearson. The book defines six major heroic types which include the; the magician, the innocent, the warrior, the wanderer, the altruist and finally the orphan. The author shows how people can apply this powerful guide in order to discover their hidden gift to solve our problems and generally to transform our life with the given important resources that are found in our inner strengths (Tallman 87). The book has helped many people to enrich their lives by showing them on how to tap the power of the archetypes that exist within. The book speaks deeply to the hero in us, and that reverberate in all parts of our lives. The book passes a poignant wisdom with several examples. It can also be a tool that can develop our own innate heroic gifts.

Q 3

In our society, we believe that every great culture has a great warrior tradition that accompanies some of the warrior myths. The Old Testament tells the stories of a warrior people as well as that of a warrior God. I was raised in a community that has perhaps the most legendary warrior tradition. From birth, the great warriors nurtured and trained all boys in the society to become warriors, and that rigorous training developed men of unconquerable spirit (Tallman, p. 83). My archetype has really helped me to fit my own character for several reasons;


This is the first benefits that help me believe that proper use of aggression assist me to have goals that I strive toward. This helps me to have a clear and definite purpose in life.


The archetype of a mindfulness of the Warrior is based on two-fold. First, I am always alert and awake as well as ever vigilant. This has developed my keen situational awareness, and thus I don’t let complacency lull me to sleep; instead, I always watch, observe, study, and plan my daily activities. Secondly, my courage is rooted in the fact that I should never be afraid of the death (Pearson 78).  I understand that any minute could be my last and thus every day and decision count in my life.


The practice has also helped me to understands my limits and thus take calculation instead of unnecessary risks. The discipline also frees my fear of pain as I was taught that there are bad and good pains in life, but this does not limit me to withstand physical and psychological pain and achieve my goals.

Q 4

Today the Warrior archetype is seen to apply for those serving in the armed forces, modern books or even in the movies. Therefore, modern culture does not appreciate or recognize those individuals with Warrior energy in the community. The people living in our society have also dumped the romantic ideal of martial courage (Pearson 75). On the other hand, the archetype has helped me to avoid confrontation and conflict and instead become a nice guy in the society.

The problem associated Warrior energy is that the Warrior energy may not appliy with the other masculine archetypes or even directed by empathy, contemplation, and order. As a result, the society pushes such people to be sensitive because they fear us from becoming abusive and destructively angry.

Q 5

The Magician is an archetype I desire to acquire as it is associated with alchemy, mystery, and transformation. In the shadow form, the archetype can be used to deceive, distract and manipulate through the act of altering several perceptions of reality. I also desire to have this archetype as the Magician is believed to possess the innate relationship with potentiality and possibility. The Magician is also recognized as a thinker, a weaver, a visionary, an intuitive and a creator of sacred space. A Magician can also be powerful or dynamic archetype with different variants. Individuals with such kind of archetype usually have an interest or specialization in astrology, quantum physics, psychotherapy, mythology, technology, mysticism and other esoteric fields. Magician are known to have an intellect, and thus they can easily connect the inner world of spirit and mind to that of  the outer world of creation as well as that of physical manifestation (Pearson 117).

The outer expression of the archetype Magician can be acquired by a constant learner. To achieve this, one can drive or gain this knowledge of understanding the outside world through books, teachers or applying other methods of formal education. The inner expression of the Magician can also be acquired through intuition (Pearson 132). The Magician learns from the inner experience of intuiting and trusts your inner information through action.

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