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Essay about a Personal Statement on Injustice


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Personal statement
I have seen injustice and witnessed people who think they could live above the law. This discrimination drove me to choose the career path I am currently in. I cannot envision my life plan in any other way and this is why I am eager to succeed as a prosecution lawyer. In my home country, a legal system exists. Unfortunately, few people hardly abide by it. The rich communities are dependent on greed, impunity and power at the expense of the less fortunate who are left to grieve and die in poverty. From a young age, I realized that the principles of justice were being trampled on and I have always sought to protest against prevalent injustices. By becoming a Lawyer, I envision a situation where I can make a positive contribution to the judiciary system, fight for justice and ensure all people have a right to justice. This paper is an application essay describes my life experiences, family background, academic experience and academic accomplishments which I believe places me in an ideal position to pursue an advanced degree at SUNY Buffalo Law School.
I have a robust family background with regard to legal matters. A few years ago, my father was elected to the position of local commissioner in our home district. This is because he is man the local community accord great respect and reverence. He has also been my primary source of moral guidance from as long as I can remember. Before he got into politics, he suffered a great deal from the chaotic environment encompassing the Bangladesh justice system. As a family we suffered together with him and thus my quest to study law at SUNY Buffalo Law School is driven by an innate quest to positively influence the justice system back home.
Prior to joining the local Bangladesh political scene, my father was a member to a partnership whose core business operation involved supplying cement to the Bangladesh construction industry. Unfortunately, my father’s partner short-changed him running off with the partnership’s principal amount thus leaving the partnership in debt. This led us into dire straits, a time when our sole breadwinner was jobless and in debt. His resilience however saw him open up a hair salon and a while later, he ventured into local politics. Hard work pays but criminal elements can change all that. I have the full support of my family towards my quest to excel as a law student and in future present a positive and transformative change in our country’s justice system.
I possess personal attributes which have fuelled my desire to pursue an advanced law degree with your academic institution. I have an innate capacity towards a quality analysis of legal issues as well as articulate presentation of personal opinions in legal matters. My volunteer experience with LEO club of Dhaka New Diamond Plus allowed me to hone my communication skills through such duties community development initiatives. In the same capacity, I understood that am deeply passionate about helping the less fortunate in society both at home and elsewhere improve their quality of life. As an intern at the Bangladesh Supreme Court, I came to embrace important ethical values in the law profession such as client confidentiality.
I am a hardworking individual taught on the important human life aspect of resilience as a young boy. I also have the innate ability to grasp new issues on legal matters quite fast and this is especially due to the complexities my family experienced years ago as a result of a corrupt Bangladesh legal system. I believe that SUNY Buffalo Law School maintains the academic, standards and learning environment to enable me attain the legal knowledge and expertise I so truly desire. I also intend to be of service to this acclaimed academic institution in different capacities as a member of the diverse clubs operating under the Umbrella of SUNY Buffalo Law School.
Upon successful completion of the advanced law degree at SUNY Buffalo Law School, I aspire to work within the US for at least two years before taking my acquired expertise to Bangladesh. After successfully completing this advanced degree course, I will have attained desired lawyer qualities and knowledge necessary for the successful transformation of Bangladesh’ justice system.