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Errors in Reasoning: Fallacies


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Errors in Reasoning: Fallacies


A fallacy is an incorrect belief which brings about a non-sound argument .fallacies therefore lacks logic and validity.  They can either be formal or informal. Formal fallacies bring about errors ion logic which are observable in the form of argument while an informal fallacy requires examination of the content of the argument for the probable reasons (Gobet, Fernand & Marvin 61-72). This paper pays high attention to arguments of gambler’s and appeal to ignorance fallacies.

Gamblers’ Fallacy

This fallacy follows a basis of balancing the nature. It’s a mistaken belief indicating that if there is a more frequent occurrence of an event, in the future it will occur less or even more frequently, This mistaken belief is common among the gamblers. In addition, the belief is highly appealing to players but false hence fallacious. On the other hand, the gambler may decide that the most frequent event will also have more chances of occurring in the future (Gobet, Fernand & Marvin  61-72). He or she then finds no need to change the game plan due to the belief that it will also change the outcome.

Fallacy Of Appeal To Ignorance

This occurs when a person believes something to be true but it is not. This occurs due to his or her lack of enough knowledge on the subject in question. This might be characterized by borrowing of knowledge from stereotypic beliefs. Due to lack of the necessary prove of the topic such as the existence of the supernatural, one finds it reasonable to agree that he or she does not exist (André 2015). It is also observable in the case where by a person abides by what majority believes is the right set of knowledge since they cannot prove the majority wrong.


A fallacy may come as a result of lack of thorough know-how and/or stereotypes which leads to misconception on various aspects and hence losing validity of the argument and incorrect reasoning.

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