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Documented Literary Biography:


ENG 112-W1                       Assignment for Essay 2   

Documented Literary Biography:

Write an essay in which you examine the relationship between the life and work of Franz Kafka, particularly as it relates to his writing “The Metamorphosis.

Research the major events of Kafka’s life and descriptions of what is known about his personality and character, then think about how his life may have influenced the creation of “The Metamorphosis.”  In your essay, explain how you think an artist like Kafka could have written such a creative, insightful, and unconventional story as this.

This is a documented essay, so make sure you cite sources for all of the information you use—from appropriate books, subscriber database articles, academic journals, and/or Internet sites.

Before writing this essay, make sure you have not only read “The Metamorphosis,” but that you have also familiarized yourself with the assigned course materials (videos, lecture notes, etc.) on Kafka and his fiction. Use these materials to inform your discussion.

DOCUMENTATION:  You are required to cite at least THREE sources of credible information about Kafka (in addition to the text of “The Metamorphosis” itself). These may include books or reference articles about Kafka, critical essays about him, and/or relevant websites on his life and work. You may cite the course videos in your essay, but if you choose to do so, you must also cite at least three other sources in addition. Each source must be cited at least once in the essay through correctly formatted parenthetical citations, and a Works Cited page listing all required publication information about each source must be included.

This essay should be at least 1500 words in length and must be correctly formatted in MLA style.  Refer to the course materials and textbook for instruction on using MLA style.

DRAFT REVIEW OPTION: You are encouraged, but not required, to let me review a rough draft of this essay to suggest revisions and corrections. However, if you choose do so, please submit your essay to me via email at least one week prior to the essay due date. Submit your draft to me via attachment in MSWord. As soon as I have reviewed your essay, I will email it back to you with comments inserted into your essay file.

DUE DATE:  See the Canvas “Modules” page and/or your Canvas Calendar page for the due date and submission instructions.

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