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End of the World Essay


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End of the World

The mere thought that the end is near can instil fear and confusion. Lives, property, history and relationships will be destroyed and everything in the face of the earth will disappear. Upon hearing the news that a rogue planet is about to collide with the earth, and that the world’s governments will only be able to vacate 2 million people to the planet, fear will cover the whole human population since no one would love to be left behind. However, the governments want to select a new population, free of chronic diseases, mental illnesses, drug addiction, smoking, obesity, genetic problems and without a history of the mentioned health problems.

However much it may seem insensitive for the government to impose such conditions, I believe that it would be the best decision for entering a new planet. The issue of the world coming to an end is quite stressing to the world leaders and they will have more than enough issues when settling people to a new place. Consequently, the government is trying to avoid more problems in the new habitat.  Although the earth destruction is nothing to boast about, the governments are trying to see positivity in the situation by trying to sort out health issues. Therefore, the decision cannot be considered as irrational.

In addition, carrying obese people to the new world will require the government to consider ways of rescuing them in case of emergencies since they cannot be lifted by normal people. Also, travelling with people with chronic and mental illnesses is an extra baggage to the space ship it will require ferrying drugs and special food stuff that they require for survival. It is also worth noting that bringing obese people to the space ship means that they will occupy more space and will be heavy. Accordingly, the ship will carry fewer people, less than 2 million.

World governments are working to avoid bringing unhealthy behaviour such as drug abuse and smoking in the new world. The thought a disease-free world is also captivating. Although it does not mean that people will not develop diseases in the new world, it is crucial to save people without ailments because we do not know the new illnesses that develop upon exposure to the new environment. Genetic selection is not discrimination. People may show new genetic disorders but at least the old ones will remain on earth.

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