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Effects of Hearing issues on Brain


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Effects of Hearing issues on Brain
The brain depends on the ears to gather sound and compare the incoming data so as to decide what to focus on. When one has hearing problems, there are high chances that the brain will also be affected. Using the comparison, the brain can decide the useful information to help understand speech. It then focuses on the source and it ignores the background noise. Hence, individuals with asymmetrical hearing may have a hard time hearing voices in a noisy environment. Such people may have communication issues. Untreated hearing loss may lead to larger health issues. It can lead to cognitive difficulties as individuals hear with their brains.
Additionally, a person can have a hard time regaining ability to reason as the brain can “forget” what it is like to hear. People with hearing problems increase the rate of brain shrinkage. Older adults with hearing problems lose an average of a cubic centimeter of brain tissue every year. Mostly, when MRIs are conducted they show atrophy in areas of the brain that help in speech and sound. Loss of hearing can as well affect a person’s learning. Due to the effect on the brain, an individual may not have the ability to understand information compared to those without hearing problems. It can as well affect a person’s self-esteem as they may have a hard time interacting with other people. They may not have the ability to understand speech, hence, they cannot have healthy conversation with other people. The brain and the ears work together to help in hearing as well as maintain a person’s health. A person with untreated hearing loss may have difficulties understanding as it affects their brain.

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