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Examine the factors that determine the prices of houses in the UK from 2006 to 2016.In addition, include a separate section which examines the impact on this market of Government schemes (such as Help to Buy and Shared Ownership) which are aimed at the First-Time buyers.

You are required to research and write a report analysing and summarizing your findings.

1. Research-informed Literature

Extent of research and/or own reading, selection of credible sources, application of appropriate referencing conventions. The use of relevant sources providing information on prices of houses in the UK, and the impact of Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes on house prices – both government and industry-related. The use of Harvard referencing conventions within the answers.

2. Knowledge and Understanding of Subject

Extent of knowledge and understanding of concepts and underlying principles associated with the discipline. The use and explanation of the concepts, techniques, models, theories, etc. appropriate to the task(s) set.

3. Analysis

Analysis, evaluation and synthesis; logic, argument and judgement; analytical reflection; organisation  of ideas and evidence The accuracy of the analysis undertaken and the provision of evidence to justify the conclusions being reached.

4. Practical Application and Deployment

Deployment of methods, materials, tools and techniques; application of concepts; formulation of innovative and creative solutions to solve problems.

The use of appropriate economic methods to explain movements of house prices in the UK, and the impact of Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes on house prices

5. Skills for Professional Practice

Attributes in professional practice: individual and collaborative working; deployment of appropriate media; presentation and organisation.

Report format normally includes the following sections: Executive Summary, Introduction, Main Findings, Conclusions, Recommendations, References and Appendices.  Your report should be written in a suitable academic writing style i.e. using the third person.

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