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Drug And Alcohol Abuse Exemplification Essay


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Exemplification Essay: Drug And Alcohol Abuse Is (or Is Not) A Serious Problem Among Many Young People.


Most of the young people, especially teens, are involved in academics hence drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem that affect their academic performance, lead to drug-related health problems, and deaths. Many young people get involved in drug and alcohol abuse, yet they are not aware of the dangers associated with drug abuse. If drug and alcohol abuse among young people is not addressed, this problem may prevail even in the adulthood, and the associated severities continue impacting on the future generations.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a national and international public health concern, and if not addressed it may lead to addiction, personality and behavioural problem, health costs, as well as other drug-related health and behavioural consequences. According to a survey done in US by The Partnership at Drug Free.Org (2012), 90% of all adults suffering from substance use associated-disorders started abusing drugs at the age of 18 years. In addition, the children who first smoke marijuana with or below the age of 14 years are more than five times likely to abuse drugs during adulthood than those who first used marijuana at the age of 18 years. Among all the drugs used by youths, alcohol is the most common abused drug. The sad thing is that the children of alcoholic parents have a four times increased risk of developing alcohol problems than those whose parents does not drink. In addition to alcohol-related health risks, the cost of alcohol abuse is relatively high (Drug Free 2012).

In US, alcohol abuse accounts to about 75,000 deaths in every year with about 5000 of the deaths said to occur among youths due to underage drinking. About 57% of 12th graders and 17% of 8th graders report binge drinking for five or more drinks in a fortnight. The annual US national cost from youth alcohol abuse is estimated as $89.5 billion. Among the youths who use drug and alcohol abuse are linked to high risks of accidental injuries from drunk drivers, poor academic performance, physical fights, and increased risk to other illegal behaviours. In a survey carried in 2006, about 30% of high school seniors reported driving under influence of drug and alcohol abuse. Besides, 24% of youths aged between 15-17 years and 31% of youths aged 18-24 years confessed to having engaged in unplanned and unprotected risks due influence of drug and alcohol abuse. In US, high school students who engage in drugs and alcohol abuse are five times more likely to perform poorly or drop-out of school (Drug Free 2012).

From the above statistics, the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse among youths is an urgent public health concern requiring prompt prevention strategies, “Prevention is better than cure.” Enhancing youth education and campaigns against drug and alcohol abuse is a major prevention strategy. As stated earlier, many youths are not aware of the dangers and risks of drug and alcohol abuse, yet they engage in such unhealthy habits. Educating the youths about the health risks they face when they engage in drug and alcohol abuse, they become positive to initiate behavioural change hence avoiding such incidences. However, most teens may tend to feel they are invincible to the risks hence it is important to use classical examples using real life examples of youths who have suffered from the serious health problems of drug and alcohol abuse. In addition, treatment and rehabilitation measures are vital to reducing the severe health risks among the addicted youths through psychological and behaviour counseling (Drug Free 2012).

In conclusion, drug and alcohol abuse among the youths is serious public health concern within the present generation. Most of the youths engage in drugs for fun without knowing the health problems associated with drugs. Accidental injuries, crimes, poor performance, school drop-out, unplanned sexual behaviours (STI’s, unwanted pregnancies), and deaths are some of the problems that result from drug and alcohol abuse among youths. Therefore, youths’ education on health problems associated with drugs may prevent, reduce, and encourage behaviour change towards avoidance of drug and alcohol abuse.



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