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Drinking Culture Nation Essay


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Discussion: The Drinking Culture of a Nation

What are the key issues that need to be addressed for changing a nation`s drinking culture? Thoroughly justify your answer by examining both your position and the opposing viewpoint.

Alcohol consumption is serious burdening of health and it affects all individuals across the globe. It is a risky factor and normally leads to poor health across the globe and the harmful alcohol has been responsible for more deaths of up to 4% which was an estimate of 2004. With such risky nature that is possessed, there is a need for advocacy on the drinking culture to address it. In the current year, so many youths have been involved in illicit drugs as they have lacked guidance from their parents (O’Brien, K. S., & Carr, S. M, 2016).

The following issues need to be addressed to change the drinking order of the nation. They include the following;

Government rules and regulations would be one of the key issues that would change the drinking habits of people within a nation. By enforcing laws and rules that guide the consumption of alcohol could reduce the nation’s drinking culture.

The promotions and frequent ads on how harmful alcohol is to one’s health also is another input to reduce the drinking culture. This would create an environment of fear for the drinkers as they would see how their lives would change (Gmel, G, 2016).

Avoidance of friends with the drinking habit. This is an influential feeling that defines the teens and the youths entering into alcoholism.

Alcoholism is growing at a rapid rate as it affects both the public and the medical health of both the adults and the younger generation. It is a phenomenon that is majorly influenced by cultural, psychological, and genetic factors. From the traditional preparation from ingredients such as grapes, it has been an addictive product that has caused so many effects that are majorly negative as it ruins most people’s lives.  

The drinking prevalence has been varied through and is more in women and youths it is at times seen as the neurophysiological etiology that could lead to the human system impairment and the body system. The most frequent cause of death that comes with an alcoholic is the effects it has on the cardiovascular system. Across the globe it brings related problems which drive early detection, hence it’s necessary to orient the health care service towards achieving the earlier intervention and the primary prevention.

With the cases of severe consumption which is the advanced stage, the immunity and the infections have already struck the victim which would reduce his/her working rate leading to the risk of employment. The change in the health of the brains affects the capacity of early stages and alcohol drinking while comprising differentiated and responsible tasks.

Understand the warning signs and consequences of alcohol abuse, how responsible alcohol use can be adopted?

While using alcohol it is so much difficult to treat the consequences, as they range from medical complications to the social life effect. As many would try and avoid the addiction so many others are languishing in the nightmare of alcohol abuse. It henceforth calls for the strict enforcement of the alcohol consumption laws that would guide the consumption. Through the effects such as liver cirrhosis where the liver is affected, it can have led to health complications that might damage the brain cells through to the development of the cancerous cells. By adoption of better drinking methods would be important in the saving of many lives and giving chances to the population addicted (Gorka, S. M., Phan, K. L., & Childs, E, 2017).

Through regulations on the type of alcohol to be consumed after the government inspection, this could play an important role in such. Another point would be for the government to focus on the stimulus program in the helping the youths in getting jobs to avoid being jobless and lastly is the development of the training program that would be able to teach the youths on the need to avoid illicit brews as they are harmful to one’s health.

Alcoholism can have led to psychological and physical problems in the person not discriminating on the age. People with a long alcohol history are faced with the consequences of alcohol consumption and the physiological changes while developing with age. The chemical composition of alcohol affects most cells in the body and with high concentration may lead to mortality or even admission in a coma.

Amongst the most common effects include the following, the effect on the immunity system which would lead to the following;

  • Frequent infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart rhythmic disorder
  • Impairment of the heart muscles
  • Higher severity of acquiring the malignant condition.
  • Cirrhosis and liver impairment.

With such infection, it drives one immunity low and could bring about the mortality rate of a person faster as it should be anticipated.

In pregnant women, it normally causes severe deformity in the unborn child with the most fatal condition being the FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). This is the infection that affects both the mother and the unborn child. According to recent studies, alcohol consumption affects the brain and divided the concept of the brain.

In conclusion, as one tends to define the heath reasoning, one would try and design the position and the possible prospect of achieving a better alcohol-free society. With the listed responsibility, alcohol consumption should be regulated to avoid the loss of manpower from the youths who have turned out to be addicts and that’s what defines growth according to them.


Gmel, G. (2016). Beneficial effects of moderate alcohol use-a a case for Occam’s razor? Addiction112(2), 215-217. https://doi.org/10.1111/add.13550

Gorka, S. M., Phan, K. L., & Childs, E. (2017). Acute calming effects of alcohol are associated with disruption of the salience network. Addiction Biology23(3), 921-930. https://doi.org/10.1111/adb.12537

O’Brien, K. S., & Carr, S. M. (2016). Commentary on de Bruijnet al. (2016): Effective alcohol marketing policymaking requires more than evidence on alcohol marketing effects-research on vested interest effects is needed. Addiction111(10), 1784-1785. https://doi.org/10.1111/add.13489

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