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Essay about Dramatic Family Dinner


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Dramatic Family Dinner

Our family is big and closely knit, however discord can be felt whenever we all gather. We all have differing views and based on my understanding, all the misunderstanding began when my dad and uncles were young. Their sibling rivalry and competitiveness grew with them and spills over at the family dinner table. Therefore, this is a story of a typical eventful family dinner and the events behind the hostility.

Once every month, our family meets for dinner. And on 21 of June 2018 was a normal Saturday and as usual my father and I got to my grandfather’s house early. It is customary for us to get there and set everything up and make sure there is food. On this day my father was more nervous than he usually is, and my grandfather was moody as always. I was getting ready to watch them have their egotistical verbal exchange. As usual they did not disappoint as they started to brag about their success. Uncle Mike came with his usual sports car and Dan followed. After they all sat at the table my grandfather entered and they all stood as a sign of respect. He thanked everyone for coming, and we said a word of prayer. My grandmother had prepared a delicious meal which we all enjoyed.

After dinner my grandfather informed us he had a special announcement. We were all eager to hear what my grandfather had to say. Therefore, we gathered around and after making sure that we were all quiet, he announced he wanted to open a trust fund for orphans. We were all shocked by the announcement as my grandfather did not pass as a person interested with charity work. The announcement was not received well by Uncle Dan. He argued a trust fund was not a good idea and instead they should implement a project that would benefit the family. My father supported the idea of a trust fund as well as Uncle Mike. After realizing that no one supported him, Uncle Dan decided to leave and assured everyone that he will not be part of the project.

My grandfather who had a very fruitful career as a banker decided that he would ensure his three sons are properly educated and get the career of his choosing. The eldest son, who is my dad was taken to business school and became a bank manager like his father. He is successful in his own right but when it comes to his brothers he feels left out. The second born uncle Mike was taken to medical school and eventually became the leading surgeon in America. He makes sure everyone knows when he gets a new award. The third born Uncle Dan dropped out of school and started a technology company that grew so big it became the biggest private America. When the three are in a room, everything becomes a competition. The fights bring out the real men in them, and the money becomes a non-issue.