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Discussion Questions


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II. Discussion Questions/Posts: 10% total course grade – 5 total discussion forums

Students are required to submit discussion posts for each graded discussion forum.  There must be one original substantive post AND at least two substantive replies to your classmates’ posts for each graded forum.  The average of the five discussion forum grades will constitute 10% of your overall course grade. Correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, complete sentences, and CITATION of your sources (textbook readings with page numbers and textbook citation; assigned video instruction; outside research sources but PLEASE do NOT use Wiki sources) must be included in your posts.  Please note that a post of just a few sentences is NOT sufficient. Failure to post before the time limit will result in a grade of zero for that forum. NO extensions will be given for Discussion Forums as ALL forums are open on August 24 and close on September 6 and 20; October 4 and October 14 (please review course blueprint for specific information). You can and should work ahead on discussion forums as you have approximately two weeks to complete each module’s discussion forums. Questions will regularly be posted on the discussion board.

The same criterion is used in grading your response posts to your classmates’ discussion posts, and the maximum combined total score for response posts is five points.  In other words, a student may earn up to ten (10) points per discussion forum when combining points for the original answer to the question and responses to other students’ posts. Responses must contribute something new to the discussion to earn points. Responses should also be more than a few sentences, you will need to spend some time writing and responding to your classmates. In other words, writing a response that consists solely of a sentence or two stating something like “Good post, (classmate’s name) or interesting ideas!” will receive zero points.