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Discuss the implementation of an Information System in that organisation


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Choose a real organisation you have either worked for / currently work for, or one where you can have access (this may be a firm where a close friend or relative has worked for / is working for). It is essential NOT to use a firm for which you can ONLY get secondary data (e.g. publicly available information only).
Discuss the implementation of an Information System in that organisation. That may be:

  1. retrospective (i.e. referring to a system that has been implemented in the past)
  2. current (i.e. referring to a system currently under planning / development / testing / rollout etc.)
  3. prospective (i.e. providing a proposal for implementing a specific IT system in the immediate future)

You must address at least the following areas (marks allocated according to the percentages provided):

  • the organisational / business background of the firm (10%);
  • a brief account of the technological system background (please focus on the technological as opposed to technical specifications of the system) (10%);
  • the implementation process, from initiation to termination (where appropriate); (25%)
  • the strategic impact – or lack of it – of the implementation on the operational / structural / cultural / economic / legal and other identified facets of the organisation; (40%)
  • an assessment of the implementation (PIR – Post-Implementation Review) (10%)
  • a proposition for the future IS Strategy of the firm (5%).

It is recommended that you use an Analytical Framework of your choice for your approach to implementation analysis, to assist you in sytematically approaching the matter.
You need to draw and provide conclusions which are relevant and specific; you also need to provide recommendations for the future state of the organisation. Finally, you need to recommend further work to anyone who may – hypothetically – wish to follow your work through to a higher level.
A word-processed, report-style, fully referenced (with in-text citation) paper of 3500 words (+/- 10%). This excludes Appendices and References.
Nb. Please include the number of words, excluding references, at the beginning of your answer.
A brief outline presentation of your work, using any form of presentation you prefer (e.g. PowerPoint). The duration of the presentation should be no more than 5 minutes.