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Discuss the Chicana movement and assess the impact that it t had in Latina political power.

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Hello this is a writing assignment for my Government 2311 class.. please read the instructions below here and no plagiarism.. I will definitely check .. THIS IS DUE OCTOBER 29 , 2017 BEFORE 11:59 PM THAT IS CENTRAL TIME

Lab/Writing Assignment Prompt:

Discuss the Chicana movement and assess the impact that it t had in Latina political power.   Discuss the past (Be sure to explain why Latinas believed that it was  necessary to have their own civil rights movement-please provide  examples to support your argument), present (Assess the current  political power of Latinas at the state and national level. Be sure to  use examples, statistics and information from scholarly sources to  support your argument), and future of Latinas in the United States. 


Students must respond to all parts of the lab assignment prompt and  refrain from including personal stories and/or experiences. Students  must use the required readings, textbooks, journal articles, lecture  notes, and films to complete this assignment. Students can only use ONE external  source (exceptions listed below) for this assignment.  The external  source must serve the purpose of enhancing the information/arguments  discussed in your paper and cannot serve as the overarching dominate  source for your paper. 

The writing assignment must be typed in Times New Roman, size  12-font, and double-spaced.  The completed assignment must be a minimum  of 2 full pages (not to exceed 3 pages).  Students must include a  cover page that includes their name, course number, date, and  lab/writing assignment number (hence: this is lab assignment 4).  Do not  include your name, course number, date, headings, etc. on any other  page except the cover page.  A reference page must be included in this  lab assignment.  The reference page must include all sources used to  respond to the lab assignment. All sources must be correctly cited using  either MLA or APA format. Submit the cover page, body of work, and  reference page as one complete document. Do not submit your paper in parts. Points will be deducted for failure to adhere to any of these requirements and no late lab assignments will be accepted.   

Additional Information and Reminders: 

  • Students may not use sources such as: Wikipedia, yahoo answers, and the like when responding to this lab assignment.
  • Utilize the reading material as well as supplemental readings and films when responding to the lab assignment. 
  • No more than 5 lines of quoted material can be  used throughout the lab assignment. Students must properly cite all  quoted material and include a list of references used to write the  essay. All other material must be properly paraphrased.
  • Where necessary, students are to use in-text citations using APA or  MLA format. Your paper should have internal parenthetical citations  (e.g. Smith, 2010) for all facts, ideas, or information that are not  original to you. The “Library” tab in your cougarweb account can assist  in the proper usage of APA citation style.  In addition, Collin  College’s Writing Center is another helpful resource.
  • Lab assignment essays must be at least two (2) full pages in  length discussing substantive, detailed information about the subject  matter.  Students must incorporate in their essay information from the  weekly readings.
  • Use standard one-inch margins and do not include excessive spacing between paragraphs.
  • This is not an essay about a student’s opinion  and/or personal experiences, but a substantive discussion over a  particular subject matter. Essays with an excessive discussion of  personal opinions and/or experiences or essays that do not include a  substantive discussion of the subject matter will be return without a  grade.