Discuss how leadership styles can motivate or can de-motivate staff during a period of change. Give examples from Buffalo Grid and Ryanair - Essay Prowess

Discuss how leadership styles can motivate or can de-motivate staff during a period of change. Give examples from Buffalo Grid and Ryanair


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Buffalo Grid is one of the top 10 most innovative businesses in the UK whose headquarters are based in London.  It was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing mobile phone charging in rural areas in Africa by using sola power.  Last year (2014), Buffalo Grid received multiple awards and it keeps looking for expansion from Kenya into other developing countries such as India and Brazil.  Its organisational structure is very small and it counts on 50 people working for it with top class Managers and Leaders who have contributed to the success of the company.    Further information about the organisation can be found at http://www.buffalogrid.org/.

On the other hand, Ryanair, the low-cost airline has constantly faced complaints not only from its customers but also from its staff into the management, functioning and corporate culture of Ryanair. The Irish carrier reported in November 2014, an upgrade in passengers services and a boost in profits but the sustainability of its business model is still questionable. According to The Guardian (2014), the poor reputation in terms of customer service and job satisfaction may hinder the sustainability of this business model.

Relevant information about Ryanair and its corporate structure and culture can be found at Journal of Contemporary Management at


You are expected to analyse and compare Buffalo Grid’s success to Ryanair’s challenges based on its organisational structure, culture, leadership style, motivational theories and teamwork effectiveness.  You will need to properly research Buffalo Grid and Ryanair, its culture and structure in much greater detail than presented above, in order to adequately address the tasks set.

Paper 1:  Illustrate relationship between organizational structure and corporate culture

1.1       Identify the elements which define different organisational structures and cultures. Using your own research, compare and contrast how these elements are applied to Buffalo Grid against Ryanair

1.2       Explain how the relationship between an organisational structure and culture has played such a significant role in the success of Buffalo Grid. Support your explanation with at least two specific examples based on your research on its web page.

1.3       Give examples of factors in people’s lives, both inside and outside work, which affect their behaviour as members of staff and discuss how they are influenced by these factors.

Paper 2:  Analysis of the different approaches to management and leadership (Oral Presentation)

2.1       Look in detail at the styles of leadership enjoyed in Buffalo Grid and Ryanair.  Compare the effectiveness of their leadership styles and give reasons for your views.

2.2       On which organisational theories are modern managerial practices based? Explain how these theories are reflected in Buffalo Grid or Ryanair

2.3       Some organisations have a tendency to ‘micromanage’ their staff, while others follow ‘hands-off’ policy. Referring to Buffalo Grid and Ryanair’s situation, evaluate these different approaches.  To do this, you should first identify their approaches to management, support your argument with reasons for this approach and consider whether they are appropriate to the current situation of the company

Paper 3: Illustrate the impact of motivational theories in organisations

3.1       Discuss how leadership styles can motivate or can de-motivate staff during a period of change.   Give examples from Buffalo Grid and Ryanair

3.2.      Looking at Buffalo Grid, compare two different motivational theories and how they are reflected in their practice of management.

3.3.      As a Human Resources Manager, discuss how useful the motivation ideas are in the modern workplace.

Paper 4: Developing effective teamwork in organisations

4.1       What characteristics are commonly found amongst groups within the workplace?  Explain how  ‘group behaviour’ can impact Buffalo Grid, both positively and negatively?

4.2.      Discuss the factors that may have enhanced, or inhibited effective teamwork in implementing Buffalo Grid technology in the rural areas in Kenya.

4.3       Look at an organisation, some of whose employees work in teams. Evaluate the extent to which modern technologies have either helped or hindered team performance within these organisations.

Presentations for learning outcome 2 should be between 12 and 15 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes for questions and answers. Copies of all hand-outs and/or any slides used should be handed out before the beginning of the presentation and they must have speaker notes. These will be needed as evidence for a pass.

The group should be of a maximum of three people. The tutor will form the groups according to the rate of attendance by mixing low, medium and high rates.  The groups will be presented in the third week of the module.  If you have been absent during those weeks without any justified reason, you will have to do the oral presentation individually.

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