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Discipline In Security Management Sample Essay


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Discipline In Security Management



This paper discusses the mechanisms of discipline management within the working environment. The administration is outlined to employ procedural methods of holding employees accountable for wrong-doings; this facilitates taking necessary remedy methods such as dismissal, suspension and punishment. Supervisors should be aware of the discipline policy that is used to punish the staff and apply it effectively to obtain the required results. Discipline in management is considered to be a method that assists to improve productivity in the workplace and reduce cases of misconduct.

In security management, supervisors must punish or administer disciplinary actions to people who break the workplace laws. According to the paper, disciplining employees is seen as a way to correct their behaviour rather than to punish or embarrass them. Two stages of the process of conducting discipline are illustrated which are the investigation stage and the disciplinary stage. For an employee to be punished, the management has to compile facts which are relevant to bring about all allegations made against the person. Punishment stage explains the actions to be taken where the security management finds a party guilty of alleged offences.

Punishment has a negative effect on employees such as psychological effects which can lead to retaliation. Supervisors are advised to use positive reinforcement where the guilty person has to be offered with good alternative behaviors and inform on which ones to avoid. Wrongful discharge by management could lead to legal actions and supervisors could also provide disciplinary actions without punishments. Discipline in security management has been considered as a way of enforcing expectations, policies and procedures in the workplace. Responsibility to address all critical violation in the workplace has to be done by supervisors.

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