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Disaster Recovery Plan Essay


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Disaster recovery plan

It is prudent for every institution to have an effective and efficient disaster recovery plan to mitigate on eventualities of disasters. To properly institute a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, the top level management require to be sensitized and presented with proposals to this effect. This is done to ensure sufficient cooperation among major decision makers and proper resource allocation.

Contents in such a proposal should include; a rise in dependency by all businesses to rely on modern technology more so, computer applications in all businesses from budgets, production planning to logistics. This poses a risk as to the loss of traditional services.

Computerized information technology is the norm in today’s industry requiring that shortcomings of these machines pose a likelihood off massive information loss or damage as information is shared among users.

A proposal should include comprehensive assessments of the impact arising from perceived disaster incidents could affect the company. The inherent need to institute and effectively manage procedures outlined to be implemented after a disaster has happened. This also serves to inform the management of how to manage costs prudently and deal with losses concurrent to damages resulting to such disasters.

The proposal should outline an analysis of how best to improve on inadequate information technology applications while at the same time offering solutions to effectively have back ups of the companies data and properly propose on effective security of information handled in computer systems. Recovery of lost data should also be properly outlined. These strategies should offer the required levels of security to protect the company’s resource in the event of a disaster.

Last but not least, the proposal should effectively serve to protect the business from failure as a result of a disastrous incident.



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