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Disadvantages and advantages of casino-gambling in a state.


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Discussion 1-1by Adinarayana Nalla – Wednesday, 22 August 2018, 8:10 PM 

     Today, I have been given the task of promoting a bill for allowing casino-gambling in my state. Well, for that I have made few preparations where I have researched well about both disadvantages and advantages of casino-gambling in a state. I know my research is my strength, so I have solely concentrated on it. My research directs that Gambling is not illegal if it is being dealt with correctly. It is the players who need to implement their social-ethics for playing casino games in a fair way. Casino-games are highly entertaining, and players can become stress-free if they play their favorite games during recreational-hours. Amazing games are available these days, and thus you can choose the game of your preference for receiving a high-level entertainment.

     Casino-gambling has also enhanced employment-opportunities in states. Nowadays, casinos are offering jobs to many unemployed fellows for varied posts like casino-property-general-manager, slot-operation manager, travel-manager, beverage and food director, regional-restaurant manager, hotel manager, regional chef, casino-restaurant director and others. The increase of employment-rate adds a great degree of progress to any state. Recent reports have proved that casino-gambling has invited an increased state-revenue. Tourists all across the globe come to visit popular casinos.  This is how tourism-industry flourishes and tourism brings more revenues. Consistent revenue-generation from casinos will improve the overall economic-stability of any state. As per Cosgrave et al., (2001), State-sanctioned legalized governments have introduced gambling options to receiving increased revenues.

     With the influx of tourists, corporate-world is also gaining high-level progress. Shopping-malls, departmental stores, restaurants, hotels, and other buildings are getting developed for making the tourists entertained thoroughly. In this way, the real estate industry is progressing with the increased constructions of corporate-buildings. Real-estate industry is one of the biggest revenue-contributors of states. Till now I have discussed only the brightest part of casino-gambling. Now let us talk over the darkest parts. Yes, casino-gambling has negative impacts, but these impacts can be reduced by adopting strict policies. Nowadays, casino-world is continuously going under the control of the underworld due to the increase in gambling addictions. This is the main reason that many people are considering casino-gambling as an illegal or offensive activity.

     Alcohol-drinking should be prohibited, and casino-games should be played within limits. Before 18-years nobody will be allowed to enter casinos. There should be restricted hours for casino-gambling. Casino-activities need to be regularly observed so that no illegal activity crops up. If a state can take the responsibility of protecting its casino-industry, then the ill-effects can be avoided. If proper state-restrictions on gambling exist then the players will also act responsibly. As per Pinto et al., (1990), Government-policies should be highly focused towards the resolving of existing troubles faced by casino-industry.

     Moreover, effective and innovative policies also need to be adopted for the healthy development of commercial-casinos. The state-government should conduct different casino-awareness pieces of training to casino-employees. As per Giroux et al., (2008), Comprehensive casino-awareness programs have been designed for training casino-staffs so that they can cater assistance to gamblers during the crisis.  Since the merits override the demerits, therefore, the state should think of introducing casino-gambling for bringing a huge economic and social progress.