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Develop an inspection checklist

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Develop an inspection checklist, which includes considerations for  the following:   

   e rgonomic hazards (including vision hazards, excessive light, excessive noise, pinch points, improper seating or  standing, use of anti – fatigue mats, vibration and improper position ),   

   a ssociated musculoskeletal and/or cumulative trauma disor der associated with each ergonomic hazard identified ,   

   e xcessive lifting tasks  ( and apply the lifting formula with consideration of back compressive forces ), and   

   a reas of excessive temperature  ( and include the use of appropriate hydration tools ).   

Your insp ection checklist should consist of at least two pages .  Retain this checklist because it will be expanded upon in  Unit VI and utilized in Unit VII.   

Tip: It might be helpful to complete a simple web search in order to gain formatting and template ideas rega rding  inspection checklists.