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Description of major elements

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Due Week 3: Scope Statement 

Prepare a scope statement using either the model on pages 144-145 in the text as a template or the scope template in Doc Sharing. Remember to be tangible, measurable, and specific. Be sure to include all sections required in the Practitioner section of the Week 2 Lecture.


  • Project scope statement (in MS Word)

TABLE 5.2 Elements in a Comprehensive Statement of Work

  Date Submitted Revision Number Project Name Project Identification Number SOW Prepared by: 1. Description and Scopea. Summary of work requestedb. Backgroundc. Description of major elements (deliverables) of the completed projectd. Expected benefitse. Items not covered in scopef. Priorities assigned to each element in the project2. Approacha. Major milestones/key events anticipated DateMilestone/Event        b. Special standards or methodologies to be observedc. Impact on existing systems or projectsd. Assumptions critical to the projecte. Plans for status report updatesf. Procedures for changes of scope or work effort3. Resource Requirementsa. Detailed plan/rationale for resource needs and assignments