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Description 2- Analysis 3- Interpretation


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Question description

I provided an example for one of my friends in the same group. I just need three slides 1- Description 2- Analysis 3- Interpretation


1. Attached is a document titled Gallery ARTS TEAM GALLERY REVIEW .docx

for your use and an example of a power point titled TEAM GALLERY REVIEW PPT EXAMPLE Template .pptx . Open each of these documents and follow the specific directions. PLEASE READ it carefully. You should do your best to complete this as a TEAM, but if you cannot meet as a team, it will not penalize your INDIVIDUAL grade.

2. After you have read the two documents above, look under the Email TEAM Gallery Rev. button. Open each team until you find your name listed. This is your team number, so make a note of it because you will need it for your power point.

3. Email your team members in the first week to decide when the team can meet as a group and where you would like to meet. The Irving Arts Center at 3333 North MacArthur is close and very good with lots of choices. Check the hours they are open.

4. Meet at a professional art gallery, like the Irving Arts Center, look at the work in the galleries and outdoors in the sculpture garden. Decide which piece you would like to choose for your personal power point. Each member of your team should do the same. Take a photo of yourself in front of the art you have chosen, a separate of the art alone, and a third photo of your team at the gallery.

5. Complete your power point following the directions in the document TEAM GALLERY REVIEW PPT EXAMPLE Template

Be sure you document any sources you use to learn more about the artist or art. No copying and pasting from the internet.

6. Post your completed power point under the Email TEAM Gallery Review button, your team number, File Exchange. All of your team members should do the same.

7. To complete your assignment, return to the File Exchange under the Email TEAM Gallery Review button, find another student’s power point. Copy their power point and paste it into your power point. Add a final slide so that you can respond to the team mate’s power point comparing the work they selected and your team members comments to your own power point and comments. Save this final power point.

8. Post your final power point under the Week 3 blue link. There will be a submission box there. If completed correctly, you will earn full credit.