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Derrick requests a routine physical.

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Derrick age 22

Derrick requests a routine physical.

Maria age 45

Maria complains of decreased focusing ability for near objects and headache.

Edward age 70

Edward complains of muscle weakness and blurred vision.

. Color Blindness TestVIEW TESTYesNoNo
2. Astigmatism TestVIEW TESTNoYesNo
3. Visual Acuity TestVIEW TEST20 / 2020 / 3020 / 80
4. Knee Jerk Reflex TestVIEW TESTNormalNormalAbnormal
5. Pupillary Reflex TestVIEW TESTNormalNormalAbnormal

1. Why do doctors measure reflexes during a diagnostic exam?

23. Consider both the symptoms and results for each of the three patients to answer the following:

       Were there any abnormal test results?

       Using your text, the library and the internet to perform research explain what condition you think could explain the patient’s symptoms and results? Explain why you suspect this condition?

       What causes the condition you believe this patient may have?


Derrick is color blind

Color blindness is a usually a genetic (hereditary) condition (you are born with it). Red/green and blue colour blindness is usually passed down from your parents. The gene which is responsible for the condition is carried on the X chromosome and this is the reason why many more men are affected than women


Maria has an Astigmatism

Astigmatism is caused by an eye that is not completely round and occurs in nearly everybody to some degree. For vision problems due to astigmatism, glasses, contact lenses, and even vision correction procedures are all possible treatment options.

A person’s eye is naturally shaped like a sphere. Under normal circumstances, when light enters the eye, it refracts, or bends evenly, creating a clear view of the object. However, the eye of a person with astigmatism is shaped more like a football or the back of a spoon. For this person, when light enters the eye it is refracted more in one direction than the other, allowing only part of the object to be in focus at one time. Objects at any distance can appear blurry and wavy.


Edward s visual Acuity test 2o/80

Knee jerk reflex abnormal

Pupillary reflex test abnormal

       Lab – Neuromuscular

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:
Competency 6: Apply biological concepts to factors related to human health.

                        Explain the importance of a yearly eye exam.

                        Explain why doctors measure reflexes during the diagnostic exam.

                        Evaluate symptoms and results of patient 1.

                        Evaluate symptoms and results of patient 2.

                        Evaluate symptoms and results of patient 3.