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Demands for Pilots in the Middle East Sample essay


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Possible Solutions to Meeting the Increasing Demands for Pilots in the Middle East

 Pilots in the Middle East

There is an impending problem of inadequate and gradual reduction of the number of civil aviation pilots in the Middle East and the Gulf Region. It is a matter of contention to try and establish the approach that can be used to elevate the demand for pilots within the next 20 years.

The Middle East and Gulf region may have suffered the impacts of successful retirement of pilots without a similar rate of recruitment of new pilot (Pope 2014). The use of a phenomenological approach can serve the purpose of determining the best solution regarding stabilizing the forces of demand and supply of pilots in these regions.

Aims & Objectives 

  • First, the problem, in this case, is that the there is an extremely high demand for civil aviation in the Middle East, as well as, Gulf Region as compared to the supply of pilots. There is a vast knowledge gap between the increasing demand for pilots and the cause of this discrepancy in the aviation industry (Doha News 2012). There are several aims and objectives of the research.

Secondary objectives

  • First, it will assist in determining the major cause of the acute shortage of the aviation pilots as expected in the next 20 years.
  • To determine the extent in which the demand for pilots will be elevated in the forthcoming 20 years and the practices associated with the discrepancies.

Primary objectives

  • It will also serve the purpose basis of influencing an understanding of the context in which the industry can make changes to counter the unhealthy disparity between the demand and supply of the aviation pilots.
  • To investigate whether there are changes that systems requires and the attitude that the stakeholders have towards the problem.


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