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Data Analysis Plan Essay


Data Analysis Plan

Descriptive Statistics

In this reseach, the researcher will use descriptive statistics to analyse demographic charcteristics of the study participants. According to Broyles, (2006), descriptive statistics involve a process of describing the population under study. The descriptive statistics allow simpler interpretation of data such as age and environment in the nursing home (Broyles, 2006). Descriptive statistics used measures of central tendency, frequency distributions, and graphs such as bar charts and pie charts to represent demographic characteristics of the participants.

In this regard, the demographic characteristics of participants will be represented in graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. The figures will help to determine the patterns of distribution of the study participants from the highest to the lowest. In addition, the researcher will use descriptive statistics to describe the central position of a frequency distribution (Broyles, 2006, p. 59). The researcher will determine the measures of central tendency using mean, median, and mode of the age of study participants.

Inferential statistics

For the purpose of this study, the researcher will use inferential statistics to analyze the study variables, namely urinary tract infection and indwelling urinary catheters. In this study, inferential statistics will be used to calculate T-test and Chi-squares in order to determine the association between use of indwelling catheters and infections in the urinary tract (Broyles, 2006). The researcher will determine the p-value when testing the hypothesis. The p-value will demonstrate the significance level of the hypotheses at the 95 percent confidence level. The p-value will be used to test the null hypothesis of the study. Moreover, the researcher will determine the ANOVA and linear regression analyses (Broyles, 2006). In this regard, the ANOVA will be used to determine if there is a significant difference between use of indwelling catheters and urinary tract infection.


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