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Curtin University: Nursing


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As a Registered Nurse (RN) you are required to practice as an RN within the Australian Nursing and adhere to the Midwifery Board Registration Standards and refer to the Nursing Practice Decision Flowchart. Other key responsibilities include: providing comprehensive evidence based nursing care to patients in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team; facilitate and promote patient safety and quality of care; uphold the nursing values of Accountability, Compassion and Continuous Learning and Teamwork.

This case study assessment is designed to aid in preparing you for the transition from student nurse to graduate RN. The case study assessment requires you to address the below selection criteria using case study examples from any previous clinical practicums.

Essential Selection Criteria:

1. Demonstrates an ability to delegate aspects of care to others according to their competence and scope of practice

When addressing the selection criteria you must use a different example from your previously submitted case study, to avoid self-plagiarism.

The criteria must be addressed in the STAR format and reflection (see below for more information on STAR).You must use the following headings; Situation; Task; Action; Results; and Reflection to help guide your paper

All aspects of the selection criteria must be addressed with appropriate example/s given to demonstrate achieving the criteria.

The selection criteria must demonstrate critical thinking and the actions you performed must be justified using current literature to support your action.

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