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Current Leadership and Community-Service involvement.


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Essay describing their current leadership and community-service involvement.

As an active member of social groups in the society, I have assumed several roles and leadership is one of them. I have been entrusted the leadership of certain groups and I have undertaken the activity diligently. I have led the groups in undertaking various activities and fulfilling their objectives. Leadership is service-oriented because I focus on group matters more to ensure there are no delays or failure that is realized. Although I am a leader, I am a member of the group and I am equally interested in the success of the group’s activities.

I lead community-based groups that help in ensuring that society is in the best condition. It is most paramount to realize that community depends on me and it is my responsibility to undertake activities in the most professional manner. As such, my leadership would be categorized as servant leadership as I am determined to see the society successful without selfish interests. I sacrifice time to serve the organizations in my community and I am determined to achieve the excellence that comes with every activity.

Serving the community as a leader has had positive and negative sides. The positive side is mainly about the excitement in knowing that I am leading a team that is improving the community. Secondly, it has horned my leadership skills and I understand the value of various skills that would bring the desired value. On the other hand, leadership has exposed me to extensive blames by community members who feel that I am not offering the best. Sometimes I felt that I should give up and quit the responsibility since the leadership demands have grown over time.

2.0 Who in your life has been your biggest influence and why?

My mother has been the biggest influence in life. She has been responsible of so much in my life and she has never failed in any of her duties. The family has entrusted her roles that she executes diligently and with exclusive commitment. She has portrayed value for commitment and diligence in pursuing leadership activities. The passion that she portrays when serving the family is encouraging and one would wish to participate in such processes. Through her, I have learned the elements that would make a leader outstanding. Despite the high commitment to the family affairs, she has never forgotten her responsibilities as a mother. She has created a balance that indicated an exclusive value for leadership and commitment to all activities that one undertakes.

Apart from serving the family, my mother has been entrusted various responsibilities by the community where we live. She leads women groups and other community-based groups including men and women. Her effort to ensure that every group that she leads succeeds is unmatched. She has diligently served the society members and given them an opportunity to address critical issues as their leader. As such, there is a level of commitment that guarantees value for leadership and it is one of the elements that I have borrowed from my mother. She has been recognized severally for the roles that she has assumed and the success that she has given the groups. Sometimes I have accompanied her to community activities and events and I have witnessed her unique approach to leadership, which has enabled her to influence more people. Therefore, I would say that I have learned so much through my mother and it has been an opportunity to realize my potential as a leader.


  • How the scholarship will financially assist them and how they plan to give back to their community after graduation.

Getting the scholarship will play an extremely significant role in improving my skills and enhancing my ability to serve my society better. The scholarship means that I will not be required to pay any money to learn on the critical elements that would improve my leadership. As a result, I will have some money to support me in my service to society members. As such, the scholarship will improve my activity in society and give me an opportunity to realize a level of excellence or commitment.

The scholarship will give me an opportunity to learn the most critical elements about leadership. I will have an opportunity to understand the various forms of leadership and the skills or elements that make them unique. As a result, I will learn knowing that there is value in everything that I come across. I understand the relevance of commitment to leadership roles and I will be willing to get the best out of the course.

Upon graduation, I will be armed with better skills to help in undertaking community activities and leadership more diligently. It will be about focus and the willingness to realize greater success in the community through the new skills. I will volunteer my skills to activities that would help my community get better. In such groups, understanding various activities associated to people’s work and responsibilities will be vital. I will also support various leaders by giving them insights on the most significant things to do to ensure the community remains successful. There will be an opportunity to mentor younger people who intend to serve the community by making them understand the basic skills that they may require.