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Critiquing of The Major Leadership and Management Theories

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Critiquing of The Major Leadership and Management Theories

Mgt/Leadership Human Services HUS-505-NNHVB

Renz, D. (Ed.) & Herman, R. (2016). The Jossey – Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, (4thEd). San Francisco, CA: Jossey -Bass. ISBN -13: 978 -1118852965 Also available by e-book.

Assignment Week 1 – Begin working on your project.

On a management and leadership topic you will write a 12 – 15 page paper on an area of your choosing  that is related to the management and leadership of a human services setting. This paper should reflect research beyond our course text books and provide support for your paper. Research should include sources from academic journals, books and credible organizational websites.

Additionally, this paper must address and discuss the Saint Leo Core Value of Respect and the CSHSE standard (s) that best informs an understanding of the analysis.  This paper must have a minimum of 12 pages of content. Graphs and illustrations can be used, but do not count towards content. Correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure are imperative.  References must be cited correctly with a reference list included. Paper must follow the American Psychological Association (title page, reference page, Times New Roman font style, 12 point font size, double-spaced).  This paper is due as provided by the assignment due date.   NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

Here are a list of topic ideas with some examples. The examples are a springboard to assist you indeveloping your topic. You may select from this provided list. 

a.       Critique of leadership and management theories (choose 2 theories to defend and 2 theories to challenge; give examples

b.      Strategic planning in human services organizations (defend strategic planning in a human services setting; discuss ways to improve the process in an existing organization with which you are familiar with; cite specific research you conducted with that organization)

c.       Human services governance and leadership (how to recruit and train a high functioning nonprofit board; address if clients should sit on the board; give examples of a low functioning board; give examples of real organizations you have researched or interviewed)

d.      Human resources management in human services organizations (how can human services  organizations attract the best talent; should human services agencies adopt corporate-style management practices – what are the pros and cons; is managing/leading paid employees different from managing/leading volunteers; should human services require continuous professional development training for staff – discuss why or why not, and if why, who should pay for it; cite examples)

               a.     International human services management (choose a global human services organization that is multinational and assess the way cultural differences impact the management of the organization; what would be some management/leadership challenges facing a globalized human services organization that a national human services organization would not have to face; give examples)

               b.      Management issues for human services organizations (what are some of the pros and cons of being in human services organization in today’s economic and political environment; is the size (large or small) of an organization relevant; easier or more difficult to carry out the organizational mission; cite examples)

               c.       Ethical issues facing human services organizations (are ethical principles relevant in the role of management/leadership – why or why not?; develop a set of ethical principles that a human services organization could ask the potential board members to sign; discuss and explain the selection of each principle; consider the NOHS Code of Ethics)

               d.      Scope and dimensions of the human services sector (the IRS grants 501(c)3 status to numerous organizations each year – discuss the pros and cons of adding new nonprofits annually to an already large and diverse sector; some say there are some nonprofits that seem to have more in common with for-profit organizations working in the same field, than other nonprofits – discuss if this is true statement or not – provide research to support or refute; discuss how this statement plays a role in management/leadership of a human services organization)

               e.       Technology’s impact on the human services sector (discuss how technological developments in recent years has changed the way that human services organizations do business; discuss how some human services organizations exist virtually and do not need (or very little) office space – and impact that has on management/leadership of the organization; compare and contrast examples that you are familiar with

               f.        Historical development of human services agencies consider any number of human services agencies that got their start from an individual with a passion to help others, solve a problem, or to create something unique. Check out the Extra Mile, the Points of Light Pathway in Washington, D.C. to find 33 American individuals who selflessly helped others and created new organizations, establishing new ways of thinking and new services for all of us. Choose one individual and write about their service and leadership. What organization did they found? What management and leadership principles helped to develop that organization? Is it still offering services today?

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