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FALL 2020




For 100 points answer the questions below. 

Follow the Instructions below carefully.  Failure to complete any one of the instructions will be a 25 point deduction for each for each instruction not followed:

  1.  You must type the answer.
  2. All answers must be typed. 12 font, double spaced with 1 inch margins. 
  3. All answers should be a minimum of half a page.
  4. You must answer the entire question in order to receive credit.  I will not give partial credit.
  5. You must use this word document to answer the questions.  (keep in mind I read over 100 exams a week)
  6. You must have a works cited page.  Failure to have a works cited page will result in a 25 point deduction. 
  7. You may not email me your works cited page separately. The works cited page must be attached to your exam and posted via blackboard.

This exam is due FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2020 @ 11:00 PM (VIA BLACKBOARD). I do not accept late work, you may not slip your exam under my office door, you may not leave your exam in my box and you may not email me your exam.

  1. CHAPTER 9 (25 POINTS)

Do Day Reporting Centers accomplish their objectives?  Why or why not?


Day reporting centers are places where offenders under probation or parole receive different services to make them better people in the society. The services offered include vocational training, educational training, treatments, drug and substance use training among others. These services are offered with a couple of aims. They include; to help decongest jails, provide access to treatment, slowly integrate the offenders back to the society and reduce recidivism which is the likelihood of a convict to reoffend.

These day reporting centers achieve their objectives. Several researches have been done and proved that they do actually help the convicts and achieve their goals. A published research by Center of Crime and Justice Policy at the University of Nevada in 2019, stated that they conducted a survey on different day reporting centers and after 12 months they were able to see a lot of changes on the participants in several areas. Compared to those who never went through the day reporting program, they reported that changes noted in the graduates included; having low chances of new charges against them, most of them were likely to be discharged, others were likely to retain their job positions and most of them also were showing signs of better outcomes. 

This meant that the day reporting centers were able curb recidivism, helped them acquire skills that got them to the job market and also helped in decongesting jails proving that yes day reporting centers do achieve their objectives.

  • CHAPTER 10 (25 POINTS)

How do monetary restitution and community service differ?  How are they alike?


Monetary restitution is payment paid by the offender to the victim for the harm done or caused while community service is a way of repairing the harm done to the society or the community through commitment of one’s effort and time(Haynes &Ruback,2015). Monetary restitution focuses on the victim than on the offender  by attempting to place  the victim in a similar position to the one he or she was in before the damage was done either by financially or relational ways while community service focuses more on the offender by focusing on his or her accountability, strength and their decision making ability via the services ordered by the court. Monetary restitution is more of rehabilitative while on the other hand community service is more restorative (Wood, 2012). In monetary restitution only the direct victim benefits from the financial or relational give back to the offender but for the community service the whole community benefits from the offender’s time and effort.

Monetary restitution and community service are similar in that they both are focused on some repairment. In both cases the offender is the one rendering the services either in monetary form or by use of his or her effort in the case of community service.

  • CHAPTER 10 (25 POINTS)

How can restitution be used for juveniles who are too young to legally work full time?


For the young juveniles who can’t legally work full time, several ways can be used to make sure that restitution is complied with (Bergseth& Jeffery.,2013) First the offender’s parents can be altered about the restitution payments and make the necessary arrangement to see that the payments have been done in the right way. It would also be recommendable if a state decides to reduce or eliminate the juvenile fines to give the offender some time to work accordingly to manage the restitution payments. The victim can also allow payment by installments according to the policies offered by the law about making payments by installments.

The government can also come up with new policies to make that payments are done once the offender is allowed to legally work fully. Rather the government can also come up with a system to pay the victim fully upon verdict while they deduct form the offender when the time is right. The evaluation of owned assets either by working or inheritance can be done to check whether they can be used for the payment.

The restitution can also take the community service form(Haris,2004). The young offender can commit themselves to some part time activities in the community to make up for the damage done.

  • CHAPTER 11 (25 POINTS)

Which civil and political rights, in your opinion, should be permanently prohibited from ALL offenders for the rest of their lives?  Explain why.


In my opinion, due to the nature of offenders I think they should be denied the right to participate in political life and also be denied the access to political systems. this is because they’d be dealing with a lot of human public resource s at times, they cannot be trust worthy.  They should also not e exposed to any source of political information such as the political system as they may pose a threat to the well-being and the fidelity of the system.

When it comes to civil rights, the offenders are also human and they too should enjoy the rights. The only civil right that can be deprived form them is the freedom against unwarranted searches at their houses and their properties. This should however happen to an offender if he or she happens to be on the suspect list in that particular case. This is because, it can bring about a lot of harassment from higher authorities to the offenders or even imposters seeking for revenge may be due to the damage done by the offender. Should the offender appear as a suspect in a case, the freedom against unwarranted searches should be deprived to allow thorough search.



Bergseth, Kathleen J., and Jeffrey A. Bouffard. “Examining the effectiveness of a restorative justice program for various types of juvenile offenders.” International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 57, no. 9 (2013): 1054-1075.

Harris, R. J., & Lo, T. W. (2002). Community service: Its use in criminal justice. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology46(4), 427-444.

Haynes, S. H., Cares, A. C., & Ruback, R. B. (2015). Reducing the harm of criminal victimization: The role of restitution. Violence and victims30(3), 450-469.

Wood, W. R. (2012). Correcting community service: From work crews to community work in a juvenile court. Justice Quarterly29(5), 684-711.

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