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Core Objective Assessment Essay


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Core Objective Assessment

Historical background of PATRIOT Act and the NSC-68

For many years prior to the World Trade Center attacks, Brian Michael and Paul Bremer played an extraordinary role related to aviation security. Since that incidence, Bremer and Jenkins have been in the forefront in developing the program (PATRIOT Act) that reduced the threat of the security in America (Finley 4).

On the other hand, the Soviet military threat to the America after the World War II was well known to be hyped for political and financial gains. The propaganda on the Cold War was effective in developing government policy (NSC-68) in order to have an effective framing of all the national conversation on threats and media control (Newman 219).

Significance of both documents

NSC-68 was intended to elaborate on the US national security policy. The document was first meant to give guidance to the problem of the world crisis and ensure that there is respect to the global distribution of power. For instance, following the defeat of the Japan and German, the Soviet Union represented the two central powers. The Soviet Union had antithetical objectives compared to those implemented by US as it sought to impose total authority to the entire world. As a result, there were irreconcilable struggles that occurred between the slave society and the free trade society. That is; the difference between the freedom under the government of laws and the idea of slavery. This resulted to eruption of Cold War where the survivors of the free world were in serious danger. NSC-68 went on to specify the role of the Soviet leaders by maintaining their absolute power in both the Soviet Union and the regions under hold and control. The document also eliminated the resistance of oppositions from center of powers as well as the worldwide expansion of Soviet authority.

Since PATRIOT Act was passed, it has have brought different realities. For instance, there are many cases that the PATRIOT Act has been applied to investigate suspect from non-terrorist crimes involving non-USA citizens (Platt, Tony & Cecilia 5). Through PATRIOT Act, the justice department is receiving top secrets from Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court to have powers in investigating Americans where criminal courts can not grant warrants.

Nature of Cold War in 1950’s

Cold War was marked by development of the atomic bombs by different nations to emerge victorious over the other nations. Most of the developed nations had developed their economy as well as their economy by 19 century.

There was increased the level of technology that lead to emerge of the Atomic Bomb in United States. Not only the Americans who were carrying out the act, but there were many programs from other nations as well.  American program had a plan to develop new technology before other nations realized their strength in order to use it to overpower their enemies in the World War II.  The  then President Roosevelt and President Truman were both committed to stop the war as fast in both Europe and Asia by ensuring that there were few American casualties as possible. The two were trying to substitute the available technology for manpower wherever they got a chance. To achieve this mission, they had to invest a lot in the war on innovations over aerial bombardment.

The two leaders used the bomb to develop new technology in an effort to use the innovation to end the war. The first bomb was first tested in 1945 in Mexico, and it was planned to be used against the Japanese. In the same year, Americans planned for invasion in the Japanese mainland. The first invasion was carried out in 6 August 1945 followed by the second invasion in 9 August in the same year. The war ended as planned after the Japanese surrendered after few days.

Similarities of the two documents

In both documents, the different parts of the laws prevent future acts of terrorist violence against the terrorist. For instance, the law makes it easier for the different law enforcement agencies by the government to provide relevant information and the federal agencies with distinguished missions to share information on people immigrating in United States (Podgor 60).

Differences between the two documents

The USA PATRIOT Act provides power to the different government agencies in America on investigating over terrorism crimes. A good example is the delayed notification search warrants, crime-fighting tactics held by courts across the nations for many years in organized crime that are a long-existing, child pornography and drug issues (Newman 215).

Unlike USA PATRIOT Act, The NSC-68 document is against preceding policy of isolation and thus call for collective participation in the world community. It calls for responsibility of the world leadership in order to consolidate global environment. NSC-68 encourages maximum development of the economical, political and military power of the free world and in a dependable combination of the like-minded nations (Finley 4).

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