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Core Counterintelligence


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This week, you will read Core Counterintelligence Competencies document which details the operational, analytic, and leadership ranks of organizations engaged in counterintelligence.  Reading this document will give you a huge leap forward in planning your educational and training activities if CI is potentially in your career path. You need to know the skills you need to build in order to enter and be successful in the field.  Secondly, it gives you a clear insight into the skill set required for sound counterintelligence analysis. These skills are listed at a general level but should give you a specific enough focus.

Comment on the below: 

Map out the CI competencies to the main elements of the National Counterintelligence Strategy, and how these skills/competencies are required to conduct quality CI analysis.  

Use examples, demonstrate you have read the materials, and apply critical thinking skills to earn maximum

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