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Contexts Of Practice: Mental Health Care


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1.Define a mental state assessment and describe why it is a useful tool in understanding a person’s emotional and cognitive functioning.

2. Describe Alison’s appearance and behaviour

3. Differentiate between mood and affect, and then describe affect as it relates to Alison.

4. Discuss Alison’s speech.

5. What physiological signs or symptoms associated with a depressive episode can you identify in the interview with Alison?

6. Dr Taylor assesses Alison’s thought. Describe how you think she might describe and document her findings?

7. Consider Alison’s disclosure that she overdosed on Paracetamol tablets and alcohol 4 years earlier. Why is this information vitally important to explore in the context of a mental state assessment?

8.What information is important to collect in Alison’s presentation today?

9. How would you assess Alison’s insight into her current emotional and cognitive state? What are the likely outcomes related to these states? Please comment on her overall judgement as well.

10. Looking at Alison’s presentation overall, what risks does she currently present with?  Are there risks that you have excluded? Provide evidence for all your responses. Please give consideration to her physical health as well as all other possible risks.

11. Alison is diagnosed with major depressive disorder. What interventions/treatment and care pathways/options  would be appropriate for her care? Give consideration to the setting in which this care might be provided. Provide rationales for your plans.

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