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Contexts Of Practice Complex Care


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Case Study
Mr John Hayes has been admitted to the emergency department after a car accident. His details are:

Age 68, T 36.5, P96, RR 28, BP 160/95, oxygen sats 92%, Pain score 9/10. He has pain over his left chest and decreased air entry to his left chest. His GCS is 15. He had no LOC and was able to extricate himself from the car. The airbags had inflated.

Johns’ weight is 130kgs. John is married to Beryl aged 65 years. They live in a high set house and struggle to get up and down the stairs into the house. They have 2 sons who live nearby and visit regularly. Both John and Beryl have poor eyesight and wear glasses.

John has been xrayed and this has been assessed by the doctor. John has been diagnosed with a pneumothorax.


  1. Apply evidence based principles to correctly assess this patient. Detail the types of assessment you would do now for this patient in their current state and provide rationales for these assessments using references. . Use a systems framework to do this. eg CNS, CVS, Respiratory, Abdo, renal and social/ other.
  2. Provide a brief summary of the correct prioritization of care for the chosen case study and the role of the RN in this care which is supported with evidence. (600 words). Choose 2 main priorities of care to focus on for this part.

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