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Contemporary Social Issues


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Formative assessment will take place throughout the module through discussions with your module lecturer. Formative assessment is defined in the Foundation Degree Academic regulations as ‘Assessments which are non-contributory in this way are referred to as formative assessments. They are used to assist students in their learning by preparing them for summative assessments and providing them with feedback which identifies strengths and areas for development.’


Summative assessment is defined in the Foundation Degree Regulations as ‘Assessments which contribute marks used to determine a student’s ability to progress from one stage of a programme to the next, and which are used to determine an overall award classification, are referred to for the purpose of these Regulations as summative assessments.’


For summative assessment, the module is assessed through in-course assessments which will total 100%. This comprises of the following elements:



Assessment Methods:

  • Presentation
Assessment Type Specific

requirements (e.g. word count)

Learning Outcomes being assessed Weighting % of final mark
Prepare Presentation slides and Presentation Notes Maximum 10 Powerpoint slides



1500 words Presentation Notes



LO 1,2,3






Module Specific Academic Regulations
Is this module compensatable?


Modules for which this module is a pre- requisite  


Identify any Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body requirements:   Not Applicable

Assessments have been clearly structured and presented to support you however if you are unclear about what is required you need to make arrangements to speak to the module leader as soon as possible to seek clarification. It is important that you read the assessment guidelines and assessment criteria in detail and use them to structure your work. The content of the assignment should provide evidence that you have met all the module learning outcomes therefore it is important that you have an understanding of what the learning outcomes mean e.g. explore, define, critically discuss.


To support development of your academic writing skills it may be useful to devise a glossary of terms. That is where you write down words that are new to you with their meaning/definition alongside. This can be added to as you progress through the year and onto the next level of study.


Further information related to assessment can be found in the Course Handbook.


  1. Maximum 10 PowerPoint Slides + 1500 words Presentation Notes 100%

Tasks to be completed –

Choose a specific area within the area of health and social care that aligns with your career interests. Explore a variety of contemporary issues (focus on the 21st century) within that specified area that are currently being discussed by practitioners and writers. Pick a specific perspective within that framework and evaluate its impact on care delivery. Based on your analysis, put forward recommendations as to how the chosen issue can be implemented in such a way that it achieves the most appropriate results possible and yet minimises disruptions to services provided.


You are required to do the following.

  • Create a maximum 10 power point slides with key points of the summary of the findings.
  • Prepare 1500 words presentation notes by elaborating and supporting the key points that you are emphasising in your power point slides.
  • Submit both in a single file (either in Word or PDF)
  • Online submission will take place on Turnitin




Assessment Weighting Criteria (100%)

The following assessment criteria will be used to mark the assessment activities:


Assessment Criteria Indicative weighting
LO1. Explore a variety of contemporary issues within your own area of health and social care sector that could influence service improvement. 30%
LO2. Analyse a key perspective and the impact upon care delivery. 30%
LO3. Hypothesise a potential outcome to minimise disruption to services, based upon identified contemporary issue. 30%
Research sources and presentation skills. 10%




All assignment will be submitted in electronic format and uploaded to LSC Portal on Turnitin


Date assignment set May 2022
Submission deadline date 12th August 2022
Return date to students 9th September 2022



Module expectations


What can you expect from your lecturer?


  • High quality teaching
  • Accessible academic support
  • Fair and accurate assessment of your work
  • Assessment feedback within 4 weeks of the submission date
  • Provision of detailed feedback on your assessment that clearly indicates where you have met or not met the criteria
  • Provision of detailed feedback that helps you identify what you can do to improve future assessment performance



What is expected of you?


  • Attendance at all taught sessions
  • Active participation in teaching, learning and assessment activities
  • Make effective and timely use of the available academic support including the module tutor, the VLE, the Student Intranet, Learning resource Centre, online resources and the HE Academic Support Tutor
  • Make effective use of formative assessment opportunities
  • Submit assessed work on time (unless you have an agreed extension in place)
  • Read and make use of the assessment feedback provided on summative work to improve your future assessment performance
  • Make sure that you understand the assessment regulations that apply to your course. They can be accessed via the Student Intranet.
  • Early identification of any concerns or issues you have with the module leader/course leader, curriculum manager of head of school.
  • Contribute to the module evaluation







Suggested Reading List


Reading Lists  


Essential Reading Background Reading
Dickinson. H. 2016. Evaluating outcomes in Health and Social Care


Warwick. L. 2016 Introduction to Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction




Skills for Health


Skills for Care


Social Care Institute for Excellence



Health & Social Care in the Community Journals


International Journal of Care and Caring




Other resource needs essential for delivery of this module:


Suitable Learning environment, ICT Access



SIH 406

Assessment feedback from your lecturer is a really useful resource to reflect upon in further improving future assignment marks and performance. You may find it useful to use the format below to record your highlights of lecturer assessment feedback for each assignment in this module. This will enhance further your academic and learning performance throughout your course.


Assignment Number Your highlights of lecturer feedback on this assignment Actions you will take to further improve your academic performance