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Constructive Review of Presentations and Handouts Sample Essay


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Provide a constructive review of the slide presentation and handout of at 2 colleagues. Remember to be constructive and polite in all feedback. Include these points in your peer review: Highlight one or more aspects of the presentation and handout that were particularly effective. Suggest at least one additional idea, concept, or perspective that would add to the effectiveness of your colleagues’ presentation or handout and provide a rationale for the suggestion. Consider the recommendations of NIH Clear Communication initiative for designing effective communication materials. Describe the overall effect of the oral presentation. Did it flow well? Was it clear? Was it aimed appropriately at the population that it was intended for? Were the slides too cluttered, too vague, or did they use distracting colors and styles? Was the narration effective? What did you learn about effective presenting from viewing another person’s presentation? Evaluate how well the handout communicates the information-do you perceive it to be equally effective as the presentation at conveying the important information? Think about how well the different communication styles (oral presentation vs written handout) may work at conveying this specific information to different audiences:

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Constructive Review of Presentations and Handouts

  1. Constructive Review of Presentation

Regarding the use of tobacco by youth in high school, the presentation can be applauded for a number of things. First, the presentation holds key information regarding the use of tobacco by youth. Some of the key information presentation include an overview of topic, the direct and indirect effects of smoking as well as the prognosis. Secondly, there was coherence in terms of how information has been presented making easier to understand the topic. In relation to the National Institutes of Health guidelines, the presentation has fulfilled the aspect of health literacy, the use of plain language, clarity and simplicity, and cultural respect.

In response to the pathophysiology of Asian Americans to hypertension, diabetes, and lack of physical activity, the presentation has been effective in the use of pictures to substantiate on his topic. However, there are a few things that need to be pointed out in the presentation. First of all, the presentation does not have coherence in terms of how information has been portrayed, and also the presented information has not been adequate organized. Secondly, the presentation does not have ample information to bring clarity and understandability. In relation to the National Institutes of Health guidelines, the presentation should work on the element of literacy and clarity of information.


  1. Constructive Review of Handouts

In the review of the tobacco use by youth, the handout encompasses several elements that relate to the topic and they have been organized in a coherent manner. The elements to be discussed in the handout depict comprehensiveness of the topic. However, in comparison to the handout, the presentation does not include certain information. This as a result reduces the effectiveness of the presentation to explain the topic.

On the other hand, the handout on the pathophysiology of Asian Americans in relation to hypertension, diabetes, and lack of physical activity, has also incorporated several aspects. The transcript has been structured in an organized manner. Pertaining to the topic, the information provided in the topic is comprehensive. Nonetheless, there is a difference between the handout and the presentation. This is majorly because the presentation is brief in portrayal of information. Consequently, this intended objective of the handout has not been fulfilled.


In conclusion, based on the review, oral presentation can be considered as the most effective style of communication. This is because it is a faster method of relaying health information. Also, oral presentation provides the key details pertaining to a particular topic. In contrast, the handout can be an ideal method of disseminating information especially where the topic requires an in-depth understanding through the provision of details.

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