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Essay on Conservatism and Non-conservatism


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Conservatism and Non-conservatism

The 1960s and 1970s in America were a time of great change. The 1960s was widely known as the age of counterculture social reforms and liberals. The existence of various racial equality witnessed this era. For instance, it was during this period that presidential act was held, resulting in the rebirth of American conservatism. Moreover, this era was associated with strong advancement in political liberalism. Due to increased political power and influence in 1960-1980s, there was an increased government funding on social programs. According to The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved (1970) discovery of electron such as a Nixon camera was followed by a gradual return to the conservatism, whether politically, economically, and religiously.

The resurgence of the American Conversation took place in relation to the 1960 liberal economic, political, and social policies. Besides, government activities and contribution resulted in an increased rise of conservatism. Conservatism believes that the most suitable way to run a society is through ensuring and maintaining the social, political, and economic framework.

Conservatism, main principles of freedom, are individuals with no interference from economic, political, and government. As a result, many Americans social economic and political trends for the last decade endangered in disillusionment. Moreover, it also strengthens and renewed suspicion of the government. It can deal with a country deep-rooted social, cultural, and political issues. Indeed 1960s to 1980s were an era of the reactionary phenomenon from liberal politics. Therefore, new rights were born in the 1980s. The conformity experience during conservativism had enhanced freedom for women black Americans many people living below the poverty line. Therefore this paper seeks to discuss the conservative and non-conservative perspective by raising the main argument from each perspective.

Barry Goldwater voted against civil rights in 1964. He thinks that civil rights create a rift among people through placing freedom among the hands of the citizens. He believes that civil right Act of 1964 was responsible for favoring a free enterprise. An individual has a right of choice. He used his speech to outline his conservative while at the same time, warn people against the increased national government power. In his speech, he uses religious terms to help citizens understand his fight toward freedom. Goldwater, 1 “The tide has been running against freedom.” and the statement that our people have been following false prophets is a statement that Goldwater uses to show that a lot of power has been placed in the hands of the government that dis deprives people of freedom.

Listen to America article by Jerry Falwell is an article that fights against sin. Falwell, explains how religious fundamentalism has expanded in the 1970s. During this era, Evangelical Christians had been drifted from Biblical teachings as immorality had widely spread. Moreover, Americans were demanding for Supreme Court decision reversal. For instance, they wanted prays to be banned from public school; they were interested in the legalization of Abortion as well as protection for pornographic speech as it illustrates free speech. Falwell tries to use Biblical, that is he tries to convenience his audience on his speech that America was built on integrity, on faith in God as well through determination and handwork. He argues an audience to go back to the period where integrity, ethics, and morality was the driving force for the Americans. (Falwell, 1);

The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved (1970), illustrates the hardship that an individual in American faces concerning non-Conservatism. This article, illustrate than through there was freedom among the citizen the government was in control of the activities that were taking place. For instance, in Thompson, (3) he says that he has an assignment to take pictures of the riots. Thus, the police had instructed them to wear helmets as well as special vest such as flax jackets.

It was quite clear that citizens did not have freedom with the Civil Right Act of 1963, the stranger from the bar was worried that there was no peace and freedom and to make matters worse there was no safe place for him to run. Though citizen wanted the government to provided security, by responding to the high level of insecurity, they felt that insecurity level was on the rise based on the students’ movement and in the liberal culture. During this period, citizens felt that the government was assuming as they felt ignored. Besides, Americans were not benefiting from the Democrat government. It is because they could not have access to financial help, health, and house security.

Moreover, political parties had to adjust to the growing pressure groups in the community. Most of the individual with much influences were though who could control media to attract attention to their causes. For instance, Nixon’s victory as a political leader led to an increased influence

I have never understood conservatism, but after reading all these articles by Thompson, Falwell, and Goldwater, I find the concept of conversation easy to understand. It is because freedom leads to a rise of immortally. Besides, conservatism does not give criteria as it is just an appeal to the authority. Conservatism was intended to enhance people life. It was meant to improve the quality of life. However, lots of issues have risen since the Civil Right Act in 1964. Lots of immortality such as Abortion, drug consumption have become acceptable norms in the community. In 1960-1980s, I believe that the rise of the right was inevitable as a result of many social measures. Besides, the government was using much money for the poor, and there was an oil crisis. Most of the lost American faith in the democrat, they could believe that democrat would be in a position to restore the economy. With several social revolutions, the conservative such as Thompson and Falwell feared changes they would witness to the American’s Values. Therefore, Goldwater, Thompson, and Falwell saw in the right power to restore traditional American values that would lead to moral and ethical development at work, church as well as in the families. Though, there was economic instability during this period scared most of the Americans that there would be less of government.

Issues presented in these readings are still relevant in today society. It is because, in today society, issues such as pornography, legalization of absorption freedom of religion are current issues that are affecting in the community. For instance, in the current community, social media platforms are used to spread pornographic videos and speech that leads to increased levels of immorality. Moreover, different states in America still legalize Abortion, while other states prohibit the legalization of Abortion. As a result, Abortion raises a heated debate in the community. For a long period of time, abortions were legalized buy after voting President Donald Trump in the United States. Donald Trump and other Republicans voted against making Abortion illegal in the United States.

Moreover, religious practices and beliefs vary from one person to the other. As a result of various religious beliefs, there are private missionary schools that teach about religious believers and norms. I Have a Christian background, as well as growing, is a family that upholds moral and ethics mostly derived from Christianity beliefs and perspectives. I would encourage individuals to uphold Christian teachings. That is, I would urge people not to misuses their freedom but rather use their freedom for the greater good.

Climate change is one of the major global issues. Climate change has resulted in the shifting of weather patterns threating food production across the globe. Besides, climate change leads to the rising of sea levels that increase the risk of floods. Therefore, the impact of climate change is global at an unprecedented scale. Besides, having acquired knowledge from the reading, solving issues of climate change entails teaching people to take upon a personal responsibility to mitigate climate change. Just like Thompson and Falwell, I would use Biblical teachings to urge people to take environmental responsibilities to reduce climate change.

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