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Consequences of Judicial Picks for Democracy In America


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1) the Article Excerpt by Richard Neustadt on Presidential Power and Modern Presidencies, AND

2) the Article: Consequences of Judicial Picks for Democracy In America; AND

3) combine this with the readings from this Unit (pages 168 to 219 – and any previous readings as you recall these).


Using these readings; in a detailed essay, respond to this question:

American Government has three branches. Many note that the legislative branch (Congress) was given the most powers in the U.S Constitution and was designed to be closest to the people. In addition, the Executive branch, headed by the President, has increased its power during the last century; many argue beyond what the founding fathers anticipated. Finally, the judiciary branch created its own power in Marbury v. Madison. Alexander Hamilton called the Supreme Court “the least dangerous branch” and the courts consistently score as the most popular or trusted part of government.

  • Reflect on the powers given to each of the branches and how they have used or use power(s) today.
    • Be certain to give examples for each branch.
  • Which of the branches do you believe to be the most powerful or influential?
  • Which branch do you believe should be the most powerful?
  • Are any branches losing power?
  • In thinking about American Government today; what are the most dangerous trends of which you are aware that put Governance in America at risk?
  • Explain your answers.